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The creative side of me :P

Taking a short break

14th Jan 2013

Today was such a busy day that I haven’t had the time to check my emails or reply potential client’s messages on my Facebook Page. My folks and aunt are down in KK since yesterday and today, I had to accompany them to the Immigration and clinic – a specialized clinic. This means no intensive workout for today. :-( Maybe tonight, I’ll do some meditation or Yoga in my bedroom before going out for dinner. Later tonight, we’re visiting another aunt.. we’ll probably talk till midnight tonight (which might include topics on ‘discount pool parts‘ since my cousin is planning to have a pool at his new home soon. lol) Whatever it is, tonight will be another long night – which puts a halt to my already piling work. Ah well.

And speaking of work, here’s a recent design I did for a client.

Ang pows! :D



Can you feel the ‘tung-tung-tung-chang’ spirit already? :P

I do not have a topic for this post

9th Dec 2012

Not so many years ago, I know this guy. I remember one evening – few days after getting back home from overseas, he held my hand, telling me stories about his boarding place, his school friends and how much he misses his family (and of course, me :P) when he was back there…. and then I noticed this huge ring on his finger. A very nice, emblem-encrusted ring. When I asked where he got the ring, he told me that it was his high school class rings – and I think that it’s so cool for a high school to giveaway rings to students when they graduate – why don’t we have that in Malaysia??? Or was it only my school that doesn’t giveaway high school rings????

Anyway, my point is: I did NOT get my high school ring. It would be so cool to have something that would remind me of my good ole high school days. :(

But on a happier note, I added a new font to my collection. It’s called Mr Dog Dog. :D The name alone is cute already.. wait till you see the font itself:


Note: Mr Dog Dog font is THE dog image, NOT the writing. :D