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Who says working out is fun? :P

9th Jun 2013

At least not for me. Ha ha.

For those of you who know me personally would notice that I have gained like A LOT of weight in the past 4 years. All those late nights mee goreng mamak, naan cheese, Indo mee goreng + telur mata, nasi lemak and gawd knows what else.. is finally taking it’s toll. I am now OVERWEIGHT! Eeeeeeek!

But thank goodness I finally came to my sense after spending some time comparing my ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos, I am now back on track to the pursuit of happiness. :P Started doing some workout and food portion control. Did some weight lifting that still hurt my arms to this day. Haiyo. But in a span of 6 days, I’ve already lost 1.3kg! (small amount maybe, but it’s a healthy weight loss tau!) Well, I wouldn’t wanna workout too much and risk having to use a wheelchair for the rest of my life. lol

ANDDDDDDDDD… I’m thinking of rewarding myself with something pink. Eh, more like, a challenge, by buying a top that is 1 size smaller than my current size.


Nice kan? That’s why I love it. But still thinking whether or not to get it.. Quite expensive too..Just the shipping charges alone cost half of the top’s price.. =C Gotta sleep over it tonight and see if I’ll wake up tomorrow and buy it.

UPDATE: Didn’t sleep over it. I went ahead and bought it right after posting the last blog post. -_-“

{} Framed Wedding Card

14th Nov 2012

A client ordered this for her housemate who got married last week. Nice kah? :D

It looks like everyone’s getting married in November. A relative of mine got married this month. A good ole childhood friend of mine got married this month too. A friend in KL is getting married this weekend. Another client is getting married in November as well. Now that left only.. me. I am not getting married in November. LOL

So the next time another friend getting married, please consider me to create a gift or wrapper for the gift. If the friend’s a male, maybe get it from stanchions from lar, but if it’s a girl.. then THINK OF ME!! :D