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Happiness comes in the form of…PINK!

29th Jun 2012

The fairies came visiting again, this time bringing good vibes of pink into my life. *teehee*

Less than a couple of weeks ago, I bought some makeup and makeup tools online..and surprisingly, it came faster than my previous order. So I’m all happy and excited – thanks to the pink fairies. :-D

My pink makeup collection is growing and growing!

Nice kan? Macam telur. He he he.. In case you’re wondering what this ‘egg’ is for, it’s actually a makeup applicator. Like those sponge you use to apply your foundation on? Ha, itu laitu. Only this one is latex free.

PS: Not showing the rest of the makeup because they’re not pink. :-(

Look what I got in the mail..

18th Jun 2012

My PINK makeup brushes!

Datang dari jauuuuuuuh ni! *hee* And it’s not those cheap makeup brushes you see on eBay (yang datang dari China or Hong Kong tu) ar. I have to jual sebidang tanah to get these brushes. Ha ha ha! But of course, you know I’m kidding on the jual tanah part. If I have really sold off a land property, I would have enough money to buy ALL the pink brushes (even those Sigma brushes!) and donated some to charities..

Anyway, review of the brushes will come later. At the moment, they are air-drying on the table coz I just gave them their first bath! :-D

(sorry, mode minta puji menjadi-jadi ni lately…)

Help..! I need somebody.. HELP!

16th Jun 2012

Remember my makeup traincase that I bragged blogged about a few years back?

..and how it opens up beautifully?

Well…those were the good ole days. The traincase has seen better days now. The inside seams are getting older and starts to open up, showing it’s ‘inside flesh’. (sorry, couldn’t find a better term. ha ha) …and that could only mean 1 thing.


The initial plan was to get a pink traincase, a high-quality ones but not as expensive as MAC’s or MUFE’s (wait till I hit the Jackpot then I’ll get my hands on them!!!!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any nice pastel pink traincase. Ada pun, yang ada stripe-stripe like leopard. Eww! So Datin-Datin!

Sooooooo to make story short, I contacted my makeup school blabla yaddayadda and they emailed me a few pictures of high-quality (if not VERY high-quality, I might say) traincases for me to choose from. These are my most favorite and I couldn’t decide between them both:

(This one’s quite pricey.. maybe could even buy me a Citizen signature watch for the price..)

(This one is slightly cheaper than the one above and made of leather)

So help me choose?

Frankly, I like the latter. It looks so chic and girlish as compared to the first one – which reminds me of SM. Ha ha ha! But still, I like them both! Should I just buy them both? Not a good idea? But anyway, as a former student and makeup artist, I get 10% discount for them. Yay!

Now help me choose!

What Causes PMS?

23rd Apr 2010

Since I’m on PMS today, I’d like to post an explanation on why we (women) sometimes have the urge to throw the rain boots on our men during PMS and how you (men) should understand, be patience and leave us be. lol.

According to experts, the definitive cause of PMS is not yet known, but the most likely explanation for PMS is that many women are sensitive to the hormonal shifts that occur in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

(See…. we didn’t do it purposedly!!)

PMS most often occurs in women with normal menstrual cycles. During the normal menstrual cycle, the ovaries make two main hormones, called estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is made by the ovaries throughout the entire menstrual cycle. It reaches its highest levels during the second and third weeks and declines during the last week. During the last two weeks of the cycle the ovaries also make progesterone. The last two weeks of the menstrual cycle is called the luteal (secretory) phase.

Both estrogen and progesterone prepare the uterus (womb) to accept a fertilized egg. Both estrogen and progesterone also affect women’s moods.

The exact cause of PMS is still not known, but researchers believe that PMS symptoms occur because progesterone and estrogen cause changes in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. (Natural chemicals that nerve cells, especially in the brain, use to send messages to one another. These chemicals are involved in mood, thought, pain, and pleasure..) The most likely neurotransmitters affected are:

* Serotonin: Women with PMS have fluctuations in serotonin levels. These changes may cause depression and carbohydrate cravings. Serotonin is made by the body from the amino acid tryptophan.

* GABA: GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid. This neurotransmitter is important in feeling calm.

* Endorphins: Endorphins are important in the experience of pain and pleasure. Estrogen and progesterone change endorphin levels.

* Norepinephrine: Norepinephrine and epinephrine are also neurotransmitters that influence mood. In addition, these substances play a role in blood pressure and heart rate.

(taken from EHealthMD)


So there you go. This should somehow explain why PMS happen to most women. It’s probably why I’m so moody today too. Eww.