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Makeup To Impress, Not To Distress

5th Oct 2007

How many times have you browsed the magazines, only to find yourself green with envy with the gorgeous models featured in prints, with their spotless, poreless, and wrinkle-free skin? All thanks to the computer software used by graphic artists to create these unreal images, most women would tend to go over the top, tempted to try recreating it in real life. The “wetware” available to us ( and concealer makeup) CAN indeed help to erase the imperfections, but where do we draw the line between a perfect complexion and a high-maintenance artificial skin?

face.jpgThe answer lies not only on your healthy skin but also on the makeups that you wear. While it is important to choose a shade and formula that are appropriate for your skin colour and type, your application techniques can make a huge difference. Unless you’re a professional makeup artist who knows how to blend shades and foundations for certain skin shade and type, the best way you can go for a perfect makeup is to go for a makeup brand that offers not only multiple choice of colors but also suitable for sensitive type of skin. One such as the Mineral Secrets brand. Light-as-air, non-shiny cosmetic- was designed originally for men and women with highly sensitive skin types.

When it comes to makeup, my favorite would be the makeup base. Makeup base is the most important part of a makeup routine because it is perfect for evening out your skin tone, making your face appears to be flawless. I would recommend the Mineral Makeup Base, an easy-to-use hypoallergenic liquid powder that comes with a natural sun screen by up to 15 protection. The velvety smooth fluid triples as a foundation, sunblock and anti-ager – perfect for liquid foundation lovers who shy away from mineral powders.

Mineral Secrets makeup offers an extensive makeup collection from earth tone to fun colors. Suitable for both teenagers who wants to explore the fun and beauty of makeup to the adults who enjoys a classic, beautiful makeup. Be it for eyebrows, eyes, cheek, lips – you will find it all from Mineral Secrets.

My favorite of all? Their makeup brushes of course! Remember my last post on Goth makeup where I used extensive collection of brushes for different makeup application? Well, you can have your own makeup brushes collection from Mineral Secrets too. For a non-professional makeup artist, I’d suggest you to go for the Mini Wooden Brush Set by Mineral Secrets.


Packed in a travel sized brush bag, the brush collection consists of 7 makeup brushes: Powder, Blush, 2x Eye Shadow, Lip, Eyebrow and Mascara brushes. All for only $49. Awesome deal I must say!

For more info on their superb makeup collection, visit today.

How To Apply Blush The Right Way

11th Sep 2007

Blush makeup is supposed to add more color to your complexion, for highlighting, or to accentuate your face shape. It is used to stimulate a natural glow on the face. This means that blush should look natural. When choosing a blush, choose one that works with your skin tone and apply it sparingly.

Often, I saw women with overdone blush on their face, making them look like they just got slapped on their face. That is because every blush contains red pigments that will make your features stand out, so with overdone blush, you’ll get the “slapped” effect.

How do I apply blush on my face?

For liquid or creamy blush, usually the fingers are used to apply on the face followed by facial powder. For powder blush, medium-sized flat brush is used to apply the blush on top of the facial powder.

Different ways of applying blush on different sizes of face


To add definition to your face, use neutral or warm-colored contouring blush. Apply on the bottom of your cheek-apples all the way down to the hollow (but DO NOT get inside the hollow), then blend it up towards the temples in the shape of a crescent.


To make a long face look shorter: apply blush across your cheeks starting from the mid-nose level. Blend it up and down, creating a soft triangle close to the centre of your face.


To improve the apparent shape of a square or round face: start with an oblong stroke below the nose level, finishing up at the temple near your hairline. The blush should be applied in a long and slightly curved line away from the centre of your face.

That’s it for my Makeup tip of the day. Hope it helps. :D

Can’t Think Of A Topic

17th Dec 2006

What the heck is that??!!

I’ll tell you in a while.

Right now, I wanna tell you about my new train case. *teehee*

Nice or not? Hehehehe.. got it from the makeup academy I’m attending.
No, actually I bought it from the makeup academy.

It opens up quite nicely, like this:

At least now my makeup will have a decent place to sit on.
It’s also useful for showing off to my friends and relatives who doesn’t have any train case for their makeup.
I can almost imagine their AAHHHHHHs and WAAAAHHHHs already^^.

*devillish grin*


By the way, anyone in need of makeup service?
Bridal makeup?
Dinner makeup?

Drop me a note, I might be able to help you out ~ with a VERY good price. *heehee*

Also, if you happen to have a James Bond-like spying eye on my train case photo, you would actually notice this too:

My brand new false lashes!!! Yeeeehar!
I’m all prepared for a Christmas partay! :dance:
I tried on the lash earlier (before I started blogging this) and I must say I am SOOO happy with the outlook of my “new” lashes. Weeeeeeeee! (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it)

Now to solve the mystery of the “black balls picture” I posted earlier..
it’s actually:

It’s Christmas time in “Mickeyland” here in 1 Utama. (shopping mall)
Nice, huh? But I didn’t get to go up the stage and take pictures with Mickey.
I was too shy…….

Oh, I also took a shot of KLCC from below. All for your viewing pleasure. *teehee*

Mind you, I almost twisted my neck trying to get a nicer view from below.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I need to feed myself or die starving on this notebook.
Look at the amount of candies I consumed while blogging this!

Now hush, hush.. don’t laugh at the cheap kiddo candies of mine.
It’s cheap, very cheap.. I know. But it also serves as a fun toy when you’re bored to death like me.

I can prove it.

I told you it was fun. :P