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Stuff I experienced outside!

In which I went to Labuan and ate too much chocolates

15th Feb 2011

Made a trip to Labuan last weekend with my other half. It was an impromptu trip, of course. Something came up that required us to quickly pack our stuff and catch the evening plane with only a bag and a red scarf of mine.

We managed to slip in some time to meet up with my cousin, Alfred. We ate, we drank, we got drunk. And then we ate some more! I can say that the foods in Labuan are delicious! The mee goreng basah was to die for! And I’d kill for their sayur manis masak telur! Well, technically..

My other half was invited to play ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ for the band as a guest guitarist. Ha ha!

My other half and I laughed so hard when a bucket of Heineken beer only cost us RM46 when back in KL, we paid for RM75! I guess buying honda generators in Labuan will cost way cheaper than KL as well!

Trip to Labuan was great. We touched down in KL last night carrying 2 extra bags filled with chocolates. We are so much tanner now.

Tommy Emmanuel was in KL

6th Dec 2010

In case you haven’t heard of the name Tommy Emmanuel, he is an Australian guitarist, best known for his complex finger picking style, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. And he is my fiancé’s guitar idol.

Last weekend, he finally gets to meet him in person..and boy was he excited like a small kid! He even got Tommy to sign on his Sapetar!

Despite being called as ‘Satriani Malaysia’ (amongst his friends lah) and he plays music almost similar to Satriani & Vai (‘instrumental guitarist’ I believe it is called?), he’s actually looking up more to Tommy Emmanuel than of Vai & Satriani. Hmm.. and I thought Padron cigars made men happy? LOL

But I was there during his (Tommy Emmanuel) last concert in KL and it was awesome – if only I could play guitar. Muahahah!

To the mountains I go!

17th Sep 2010

…actually going to a wall. Rock climbing. Hehehe.

Since Jaya is going off to attend a class, I asked him to drop me to a nearby rock climbing place situated just a few stone throw from where he’s heading. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I climbed the wall! Like I said before, the amount of sweat from climbing the wall beats the feeling of swallowing those diet pills. :-P

OK, gotta move. Will blog again later!

Oh, the pain!

24th Aug 2010

Hey! So…I went rock-climbing last weekend with my siblings. It’s hard to climb, breathe and wanting to pass out at the same time, especially when it is your first rock-climbing. But I did it! When you finally reached the top, I tell you.. the feeling beats the happy feeling you get when he proposed you with a diamond encrusted ring! lol

My body ached for first 3 days – I can’t even brush my teeth without going Ouch! Adui! Waaaaah!! It’s getting better tho. I can finally bend to tie my shoelaces once again.

If you haven’t tried this sport, then you should. It’s so much FUN!

PS: Pardon me for the icky photo quality. Handphone murah bah. :-P

Vitamin D ..well, almost

16th Aug 2010

Yesterday, after mass, my brother wanted to stop by Sunway Pyramid to get some stuff for his mobile phone. Like every other weekends, there was no parking spot available so we had to drive around for about 15 minutes before finding our way at the rooftop – an open space parking. It’s beautiful up there!

After spending about an hour at the mall eating McDonald’s ice-cream (which my sister end up eating them for me), window shopping, looking at power wheels and action figure figurines, we decided to get out of the mall and get home to get ready for our evening activity – to jog.

It was about to rain when we reached the parking lot: strong wind and dark sky greeted us – and my fiancé suggested we take photos just for the fun of it.

We had to take a few shots to get the so-called perfect shot. The wind was too strong that it kept blowing my fiancé’s hair to his face.

Nevertheless, everyone had fun laughing at the rooftop.