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Stuff I experienced outside!

We Found Jake Sully!

22nd Jun 2010

Last Sunday was our “Family Day” outing. Since we couldn’t afford a Branson vacation, my fiancé and I, along with my other family members, went over to Bentley Music – my uncle wanted to take a look at the guitars. After spending hours in that shop, my brother suggested we go for a movie (after dinner, of course).

And so we went to Cineleisure for the A-Team movie (OMG, I’d recommend everyone to watch this!) and we found Jake Sully!

Of course, my fiancé had to be the popcorn & soda holder. LOL

Too Much Monkey Business

9th May 2010

Went to bed pretty late again last night after a night of fun filled with Thai food and barbeque at a Thai friend’s home in Subang. When I awoke, I was in the best mood! Despite being late for mass (again), I find doing laundry a fun thing to do! I mean, it’s Sunday. I knew it would be a great day. How could it not, right?

So I showered, woke my fiancé up and we went for late lunch at KFC. After a little bit of shopping (clothes for my new job. *hee*), we went home to get change and drove over to Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil for a walk/jog.

My intention was to walk/jog to burn off some calories, while the fiancé kept himself busy with taking photos of the animals there. There were monkeys too!

Mind you, these monkeys are well fed! There were loads of packed food and fruits all over them, donated by people who come to visit the park everyday. I saw a whole watermelon, bananas, mangoes..ever a plastic filled with grapes was offered! With that amount of foods they have every day, I wonder if they even grow fat from that. But from what I saw, none of these monkeys looked obese. Good diet pills that work was offered to them too, perhaps? lol

Pesta Menuai Peringkat Keuskupan Agung KL Ke-4 2009

7th Jul 2009

(Wow, such a long title. I stole the title from my brother actually. Heheh.)

Last Sunday, Bunny and I went for this Harvest Festival celebration at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puchong. My brother was one of the band boy who performed that day, together with his fellow bandmates who called themselves The Rukut-Rukut. lol. Bunny and I was supposed to perform on that day too, but due to time limit, we had to cancel it – which was OK to me – because I get to mingle around with our friends and even took some photos with the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur – Tan Sri Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam – Yippee!! I feel so blessed just standing beside that man!

Next year’s Pesta Menuai would be at Kajang Church. So be prepared way earlier. Buy yourself some diet pills that really work so you could be in the run for the Unduk Ngadau (beauty pageant) – if they’re having one lah.. But one thing for sure, it’s a celebration packed with so much fun! Come join us next year to experience it yourself. *Ü*

More photos in my Facebook album – but you have to be my friend first. :-P

Curious Case of Stu Hamm & Bunny

28th Apr 2009

WARNING: Might have excessive photos and Bunny loving

Last Saturday, Stuart Hamm – bassist of the famous Joe Satriani – was down in KL for a Bass clinic and I was lucky enough to tag along with Bunny right from the sound check moment to the end of the show. Wait, there’s more: I was seated at the very front seat. Woohoo!!

Here’s some photos for you Stu Hamm fans to gloat on people who didn’t get the chance to attend this awesome show. ^_^

The view from inside the hall. Beautiful isn’t it? Never knew Panggung Bandaraya is THAT beautiful..

The man himself, STU HAMM! (Man, he was AWESOME!!)

“I started playing the bass when I got a bass guitar for Christmas when I was 13..”

Bunny and his friend gets to jam with Mr. Stu!!! *hee*

A closer look

…of my Bunny

Bunny again

More Bunny! (Sorry can’t help it. I love that man to pieces. *teehee*)

Last one. I promise! :-P

Stu was actually very pleased with Bunny’s playing, he gave him a bowing ovation during rehearsal!
(AND a thank you + praising email after!)

Finally, a pic of me and Bunny. Pardon him for the eyes. He likes to do that sometimes. -_-

Well that’s about all the photos I can share with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do (especially on the part of showing off Bunny’s brand new guitar. Ha! Ha!) And please don’t comment on the increasing size of my already round face. I’m trying to lose as much weight as I can before Pesta Gawai next month (gonna meet the future in-laws! *shrieks*). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the ellipticals. :-P

Ciao baby!

Kuching – I Love

10th Mar 2009

A week ago, I went on a mini vacation with my family to Kuching, Sarawak. Well, not exactly like Vegas vacations but I think it was way better than going on an overseas trip – because this one was not only a mini family trip, this is also our first pilgrimage together as a family.

Yep, I said pilgrimage.
My family and I went on a pilgrimage trip to a place in Bau called Mt. Singai.

You’ll get to see this at the entrance to Mt. Singai

These are the stairs that leads you to the top of Mt. Singai. Very tiring!

According to a friend of mine, Mt. Singai is where you get to make a wish by saying a prayer and your wish will have a very high chance of being granted. You see, this friend of mine had been married for 8 years and still not having any child yet. This friend of mine heard of Mt. Singai, took his wife there… and guess what? Their wish was granted!

I hope MY wish would be granted too! *teehee*

Well, pilgrimage was not the only activity we did while we were in Kuching. We visited many interesting places such as the museum, pottery factory, the famous Sarawak kuih lapis factory etc. But the one place I think I enjoyed most was the Rumah Panjang (long house)! Wahhhhh… twas an experience you should experience too! (But too bad, we weren’t allowed to take photos of the rumah panjang out of respect).

I, however, managed to sneaked in a few shots through my mini digital camera. This was one of it. Eheheheheh..

When you’re at a rumah panjang, you could NOT escape the tuak!! Muahahaha!

PS: (A note to Syura) This was NOT a trip to meet Bunny’s parents and family – although I wish I could meet them up – LOL!