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Stuff I experienced outside!

Sun, Fun… Hun!

7th Jan 2009

New year, new resolution, new life goal.. new skin color. Yeshh.. I’m officially a dark-skinned girl now. All thanks to the many visits to dad’s kebun sawit, beach, more beaches! But it was FUN! You people should come over to Sabah with us during our Christmas break. Forget taking so many stuff with you. Leave your notebooks & mobile phone behind. Come with us and enjoy. We’ll bring you to places where not only you could lost a lot of weight (haha!) but also places where you’ll have too much fun – you might not wanna go back home!

This is one of the thing you could do back in Sabah..

And that’s how I turned darker skin, by the way. I had wayyy too much fun playing under the sun. And oh, I think I accidentally ate a few sands on that day too. All thanks to my brother who thinks it’s so much fun to throw “sandballs” on me while I’m trying to enjoy the waves. LOL!

OK, will talk to ya’ll later when my Internet connection’s much better. Maybe even share some of my Holiday photos – on Facebook that is. *teehee*

Saturday Night Fever, Baby!

14th Dec 2008

Really. I catch a cold on a Saturday Night from last night’s Mini Sabahan Blogger’s Gathering. LOL!


No intro needed bah kan? You guys know who’s who sudah… right? :oP

I finally get to meet chegu carol and KadusMama!!!!!!! (and they were AWESOME)

My bestie, Tess, came along too. We were hungry people – I almost chocked on my fries when her sister said something that (obviously) made me laugh!

Well, that’s about all the photos I could share. If you wanna see more, do browse around the KL-based Sabahan bloggers who attended the party last night. I’m sure there’s a lot of my our pics out there!! >.< PS: Weii... who stole my dildo cigar last night?? It went missing from my table?!! Muahahaha!
(Anyway, thanks to Dan & Kay for treating us some free cigar! Weeeee!)


Small Talk: I bet you don’t know what Plantar Fasciitis means, huh? Well.. I don’t too. LOL

Back To Reality

4th Nov 2008

Back to life, back to reality.. back to life, back to the here and now oh yeah!


I can’t remember whose song is that, but it kept playing on my mind while I’m posting this. And yes, I’m back in KL at the moment. Arrived yesterday noon carrying with me a few bags filled with jagung (corn) and Bintanok Jagung for my brother.

I made a few stops before meeting my brother : went grocery shopping… stopped by Aussino to check out their latest collection. Sempat lagi beli bedroom slippers.

Hated the yellow color, but love them cupcakes. :-D

OK, gotta stop now. Sorry for the short update!


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Where I Was

16th Oct 2008

I know I’ve been MIA quite often lately, especially from blogging and blog hopping. Except for FB that is.. heheh. Well, these past few weeks, I’ve been busy with offline stuff – one that involves the family matter. So many things had happened. Death in the family, then another death.. then family business etc. But everything’s fine right now.

Just wanna share a couple of photos I took with my trusted cellphone camera yesterday. (For you SLR users, jangan ketawakan quality pictures aku ya? :-P)

This is where I have been spending most of my days for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

My dad’s kebun kelapa sawit (oil palm). Yep, that’s where I’ve been spending most of my time lately – not as boss lah, but as a kuli. LOL! If you ask me how’s the experience there, I can tell you this: Major back breaking experience! Totally huge difference from my easy life in the city. Not only you had to endure the hot sun, mosquitoes are also a major problem there. Especially if you come from a silver spoon life..

But overall, it’s a fun thing to do, especially when you’re done with your job by the end of the day and you’re sweating like a makcik. Totally beat those diet pills, I tell you. You can really lose a lot of weight from this!

This boots are made for walking. And I mean REALLY walk. If you wanna do a proper catwalk, you should consider getting this boots. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anyway, it’s not like I’m doing all these to earn some money from my dad. It was done purely out of love. Ehehehe… Am not expecting any salary from him. I just wanna help him out and experience how it is being a kuli (laborer).

And what have I learned from all these?

I think the laborers deserves to be paid more. They are the ones who did all the hardwork to put money into the pockets of them big people.


PS: I’ll bloghop later. Just got back from a camping trip. Need the sleep!

The Last Picnic In Kunak

24th Jun 2008

Just sharing a few photos, courtesy of my friend, Dina, during our impromptu picnic with our church members last Sunday.

This is the same mata air (spring) my brother mentioned in his previous post.

No pool toys around, just us and our peace sign.

Oh yeah, swim for world peace, baby! :B

Hum.. I guess that’s about it lah that I can share with you. My tortoise GPRS connection is not helping at all. Took me over an hour just uploading these 3 photos. Ha! Ha! Ha! But at least I posted something for you guys to look at ya? *hee*

Will blog again soon! (and probably blog hop too)

PS: Am running on both Celcom 3G and DiGi Edge/GPRS. Both slow like siput.
Ni la kalau tinggal di hutan ni kan….. kekeke~