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Stuff I experienced outside!


26th Apr 2008

So I got an email from Aussino last night, announcing their latest bedding collection. Being a shoppaholic that I am, I immediately went to their website.

POOF! A beautiful English bedding set caught my eye:

Rutherford, the latest addition for their Royal Symphony collection

It’s beeeeeeautiful!!! It reminds me so much of Rachel Ashwell’s Lavender Jewel Collection that I plan to buy next month. So sweet and English-y. I MUST HAVE THAT! I told myself.

So off I went to Aussino today – it so happened today was some sort of Aussino member’s day where only the members of Aussino could make their way inside their outlet. What a bonus! And they were having this crazy SALE as well! With the word “Rutherford” planted on my brain, I made my way to the Royal Symphony section in hopes of finding her.. but to my disappointment, they DO NOT have that set yet!! BOOHOO! Shame, shame on you Aussino Ikano!!

Heartbroken that I was, I decided to buy some Aussino stuff just to make myself happy. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and I’m finally done.

And just how “little” stuff did I pick?

Like 4 bags of them..

It was too heavy, even the paper bags’ handle broke – BOTH of the paper bags
(while I was walking around Ikano! wtf?!)

And the amount spent?

RM609.85 worth of cold, hard cash. T_T

Oh yeah… retail therapy alright. More pictures here.
A word of advice tho – – NEVER shop on a broken heart!

8th Mar 2008

Despite the heavy rain (and election day), I attended a wedding dinner somewhere in Cheras last night. The invitation card stated that dinner will start at 7PM sharp, and I was already seated at my table by then.



7:30PM – There were only 4 of us at the table of 10.
I had chinese tea while waiting..


8:15PM – Still 4 of us. No signs of event starting anytime soon..
Typical Malaysians. (-_-)

I asked for Sprite. Getting bored.

8:35PM: Finally!


Hedgehog! (Kaya pau) and Honeydew + sago tong sui. Yumm!

.. there were 9 type of dishes served, but we were busy chatting (and eating) – so no photos of the rest. Heh.

I’m kinda disappointed tho.. they didn’t serve any wedding cake for us. What’s a wedding without the cake?? :-(

CNY in 1 Utama

5th Feb 2008

I think I’m in love with 1 Utama. Every celebration, they have beautiful displays going on at the main podium: different display each year, breath taking view every time. The Lunar celebration is just around the corner and 1 Utama presents yet another beautiful backdrop for photographers. :-P Maybe I can “steal” their idea for my home decoration for CNY next year. *teehee*



Even the stalls were nicely decorated

Beautiful, isn’t it? There were crowds of people taking photos with the displays, some were captioning the beauty, probably to “steal” the idea too. Hehehe..

I’m going back there tomorrow to buy some CNY food stuff.. probably get a few lanterns for my balcony too. :-) I’ll try to take photos of the stuff sold at the stall tomorrow too.. if I can remember. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the pics.

Oh ya, here’s a bigger picture of how the display looks like. (Click to enlarge)

Shopping At Pavillion, KL

10th Dec 2007

So I finally did my final Christmas gift shopping of the year at Pavillion, KL yesterday.

gifts for mummy
gifts for daddy
gifts for Didy
gifts for Kay
dress for myself
new haircut for myself
a pair (or two) of shoes for myself

Total spent so far: RM1,899 (O.o)

Now I’m down with my own stuff – which I plan to complete on Tuesday. Woot!

I must say, I’m really glad to have been born in a small family of 5: I get to buy gifts for 4 person only every Christmas. Hahahaha! But this year, I was feeling kinda generous. I bought 2 gifts for each of them because I missed the Christmas gift exchange last year when I missed the plane. LOL. Oh, except for my mom that is. I got her 4 gifts this year.

Anyway, shopping at Pavillion was great! (except that I didn’t get my free “a-jar-of-cookies” for spending RM300 above. Pavillion management ran out of cookies!! Grrrrr..) I got a free flask from Tangs tho. heehee. 2 colors available. Peach and black, I think. The other color looked pathetically “cheap” tho, so I went for ze black one.


I have a collection of beautiful paper bags from Parkson, Tangs and Guess too. Mwahahahaha! Well, not that I’m gonna use those paper bags for anything.. but there’s just *something* about paper bags that excites me! Like some kind of fetish on paper bags.

My collection of paper bags from yesterday’s shopping!
I have very well-toned arms already, just carrying them bags. Hahaha!

I’d probably give those to my mom, since she has this “fetish” on paper bags as well. LOL

Anyway, here’s a few photos that I managed to take at Pavillion yesterday. Couldn’t take more photos tho.. too busy shopping. :-P

Isn’t it… enchanting?

A kid’s dream tree

Cute? They cost RM130 a piece.

Christmas carols.. quite impressive, tho I wish they could sing like the English carollers you watch on TV

After a day of shopping, I went home happy and tired. Wish I was at some Las Vegas hotel

Eating, And Proud Of It!

26th Nov 2007

So I ditched my diet again today. Went to Plaza Damas in the hope of finding a bookstore: which happened to be none. Not to waste my visit there, I head to Penang Village for dinner.


I sat on the sofa outside. Oooh comfy, comfy.. but the table was slightly higher than the standard ones. Probably because the sofa was too low and I am too short. A note of advice: If you’re planning to have a meal there, do take those chairs instead of the sofas. They’re too low. Trust me.

I ordered Penang assam laksa, watermelon juice and sago gula Melaka (again). Hehehe. While waiting for my food to arrive, I managed to take a few shots of the diner.




My favorite was of course, the Christmas tree!! It’s so beautiful, I wanted to hug it! :-P I can’t believe how people can make their Christmas tree look as beautiful as that when I can’t.. Eee.. must buy books on Christmas tree decoration ideas.

And before I could take more photos, my food arrives.


Woohoo! Looks yummy and sinful, eh? I love the sago gula Melaka most. The Penang assam laksa was too sour for me, my gastric hurts. Wish my brother was here so the food wouldn’t go to waste.

Wanna join me for my next outing? :-P