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Stuff I experienced outside!

I Dated 2 Men

20th Nov 2007

Yep. I’m deeply, madly in love with two men: I went a date with them BOTH at the same.


My cousin Nelson and my brother, Kay Stanford.

It was one of the best Sunday outing I’ve had so far. Fun! Fun! Food! Food! and more Food! I practically ate a lot that day: nasi lemak, waffles, banana caramel, ice-cream, stingray, escargot etc. So much calories and fat! But it was ok lah.. since it’s a weekend. I figured that I shouldn’t diet on weekend at all. The temptations are too strong.

I also managed to check out some furniture shops in Amcorp Mall while the guys were busy testing guitars. Most of the furniture shops over there were selling those contemporary furniture type, but luck was on my side. I found one that sells Victorian-style! Yay!! The next time I have enough money, I know where to find them! ^_^

Oh by the way, out of the many photos we took, I realized that there were NO photos of me! This is the ONLY one that “resembles” me… T____T

Half of my chest and hand.. -_- (NOT the fish!)

You can view the other photos in my brother’s blog. He made a post on that outing we had, complete with photos. :-P

Like A Speeding Bullet

14th Nov 2007

Gonna make it a short entry today because I’m having a terrible headache. I didn’t want to leave my post on my cheating neighbor to be at the top for long.. might give my blog a bad karma. hahaha..

So here’s a few photos of my recent trip to IKEA: which was yesterday.

I finally got a new pot to replace the pathetic pot. Yay! Quite cheap too, about RM1.95 (I think). And the rest of the stuff: scented candles, rugs, a mug etc.. those were unnecessary stuff that I couldn’t resist stuffing into the cart.

Postponed my diet for this. Shrimp salad (I LOVE prawns!!) and chicken leg *something* (I forgot the name). Can’t remember how much they cost but it was super yummy! Couldn’t finish the potatoes and carrots tho..

So there you go. My short entry. Very headache lah.. Have to sleep early tonight. :-(

I’ll blog hop tomorrow.


24th Oct 2007

I love IKEA. I have always loved IKEA. I can spend the whole day in a place like IKEA, you know. Hehehe. In fact, yesterday I went to IKEA in hope of finding a new pink chair for myself. But to my disappointment, the one pink chair that I really like turned out to be.. out of stock. Yep, there was a big label tagged on the pink chair that said “Currently out of stock”. -_- Heh.. the one time a girl decided to buy a pink chair, IKEA couldn’t provide her with one. There were a few pink bar stools tho, but why would I need those??

Anyway, after leaving the chair section, I found myself to be on the rack and cabinets side. I saw pink rack that really, really caught my eye! I wrote the rack’s name and aisle number on a piece of paper provided by IKEA and went on my way for other stuff. I went for the pillows and rugs section. Mwahahahaha! Bought a few red pillows (because they’ve ran out of pink pillows too!!) and a baby blue rug for the bathroom. And then I quickly went to the “warehouse” to pick my pink rack.

An alternative way to get a “pink” chair. LOL!!!
(I know, I know.. it’s RED)

Guess what?

Pink rack were out of stock too!!!!!!! *sob* And there I was, talking to myself at the warehouse, cursing and all (well, I wasn’t feeling very well so I got annoyed easily..) Imagine lar, of all the day, it had be THAT DAY that IKEA would be running out of stock for PINK items. Grrr…

In the end, I still manage to bring home a rack. Only not in pink… alang-alang sudah sampai IKEA, at least buy something “big” to satisfy myself. hehehe..

This is what I got:

Wooden colored rack. I actually bought 2 racks but I only took a photo of the top rack, because the lower rack was filled with.. stuff. Messy. Don’t wanna show you. :-P

PS: IKEA should open a branch in Sabah too. It would be awesome!!!!

Got My Table Lamp!

15th Oct 2007

Weeheee.. I finally got myself a table lamp. No, it wasn’t from the ones I saw on eBay. I got it from Lovely Lace when I was at MidValley earlier today. Cheaper too. Only RM129.90. (They gave me a 10% discount too!)

Please ignore the teddy bear. That’s “Dodot”, my traveling best friend.
He just wants to be in the picture. :-P

As usual, I spent over an hour there, browsing through their beautiful table lamps, curtains, stuffed animals, hatbox etc. I seriously can stay there for 3 hours just browsing! OK, just choosing for a table lamp took me about 40 minutes.. Even the Indian guy who came in after me took only 5 minutes to buy a pot of decorative roses. :-P

Overall, I spent a total of RM224.80 at Lovely Lace today. Bought a few gifts for my family too (but I can’t show them here, since it’s supposed to be a gift – a surprise). Do I feel guilty for spending that much? Well, not really. I am more concerned on how much I am going to pay for my excessive luggage weight at the airport when I go back to Sabah next month! :*(

PS: More post of my new table lamp at my personal blog.

When A Sumandak Went Grocery Shopping

15th Aug 2007

Out of the blue, I feel like cooking again today.. so I head to the nearest Jusco to shop for some vegetables, eggs.. stuff like that. It was quite fun pushing the cart, picking up stuff and drop that into the cart. I also noticed that my cart was the neatest looking, because I like to arrange the groceries neatly inside the cart. I dislike messy carts.

shopping.jpgApart from the plants section, I love browsing through the pet section. I just love looking at those tiny T-shirts for the dogs. They’re so cute!! There’s this particular T-shirt that says “Say NO to drugs”. Hahaha, that’s so cute! Maybe I should buy for Piper, my brother’s dog. I just wish they have animal jewelry section too.

Oh.. oh.. I HAVE to tell you about this GUY I saw at the air-freshener section. You know those automatic air-freshener you put in the bathroom? Well, I use them in my bathroom and it just so happened that I’ve ran out of the perfume. I wanted to try out some of the new fragrance, so I sprayed the tester on the air to smell it. So this guy, I guess he wanted to try the perfume too, but instead of spraying it on the air, he directed the perfume’s nozzle on HIS FACE and pressed it! HAHAHAHA, you should see his face when the perfume went directly into his nose. HAHAHAHHA! I hurriedly pushed my cart to the other side and laughed!

Anyway, I hope he’s OK. It’s only a spray of air-freshener. *heehee*

hulla.jpgI also stopped by Triumph to buy some er.. brassiere. (OK lah, it’s called “bra”.) Dang, they weren’t having any sale today but I don’t care lah. I really need a new pair so I picked 2 very sexy looking ones. I queued at the cashier counter, waiting for my turn to pay and there’s this woman standing beside me, also waiting for her turn. She stared at the bras on my hand and then staring back at the bra on her hand. And then she stared at the bras on my hand again. Whaa? so I stared at the bra on her hand in revenge. I saw the price tag of RM17. Her face changed and she quickly fold the bra, hiding the price tag. OMG I thought. She must’ve been staring at my bra’s price tag. Mine was RM79 and RM69.

I felt a sudden guilt. In no way am I making fun of her cheap bra. It was merely a stare back because she was staring at mine!

I guess the Lord decided to punish me for the “revenge stare back” because by the time I reached home, I noticed that one of the bra wasn’t my size. Damn that salesgirl! I told her I want a *certain size* and she gave me a smaller ones!!! (OK, maybe it wasn’t her fault. I should’ve double checked) *sigh* Unless I lose a lot of weight, I wouldn’t be able to fit in that bra.

Guess my sister will get a bra for her birthday next month. LOL