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Stuff I experienced outside!

The Big SIGH

19th Jul 2007

This was my intention before entering the mall yesterday:

  • Watch Harry Potter
  • Buy A PAIR of short pant


After purchasing a ticket for the Harry Potter show, I walked around and noticed the big sign that every woman loves – SALE – at Esprit. I went inside.. and bought these:

(Pardon me for the picture quality, I was messed around with the camera setting and this was the result.
I know, I failed.)


…I don’t even know why I need those extra tops when I still have a few pairs of Guess tops that I bought last month, still intact with Tags! (I’ve never wore them yet!)

Wanna know the best part?

That black top in the picture IS NOT EVEN MINE! Imagine my horror when I found that in my shopping bag at home..

And before you come to the conclusion of “Oh my God, Cindy pulled a Winona Ryder!” – NO, I did NOT steal that top. Some customer put that black top at the counter while she go browse for a bag and the silly salesgirl placed it on MY stack of clothes and made me pay for it! That bloody top alone cost me RM79!

OK, silly me for not checking my list of items before paying them.. but STILL.. have some mercy on me, please. I paid for a top that wasn’t even my choice! UWAAAAAA~~~ That black top is SMALL-sized too and I’m wearing MEDIUM!!!! Lucky I just lost some weight last week because when I tried that on, I could fit in without having any problem of breathing.

Yes, that is my I-know-I-still-need-to-lose-some-weight body. Cute ar? LOL!!

Total spent: RM562.54

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… (I could’ve saved RM79 if I double-checked on the items) new mantra for the day:

Must stop buying new clothes.

Must stop buying new clothes.

Must stop buying new clothes.

Must stop buying new clothes.

I Went To Michael Learns To Rock Concert!

16th Jul 2007

Am so pissed off with my RM1,200 digital camera that doesn’t work well at night. Bleh! I’m seriously considering a DSLR for my birthday next month. (unless someone out there wanna sponsor me one? *hint*)

By the way, the photos were taken in a rush because the security guard kept patting my back, telling me that taking photos or videos are a NO-NO. Cis.


The stage

MLTR making their way to the stage

They were singing “Strange Foreign Beauty ^_^”

Jascha Richter, the lead singer.
I bumped into him when I was making my entrance to First World Hotel. ^_^

Bidding their farewell to us sad people.
Uwaaaa.. we want more!!

If you ask me how was the concert? IT WAS AWESOME!! They sang most of their famous old-time songs like: 25 Minutes, Paint My Love, Wild Woman, You Took My Heart Away, The Actor, Sleeping Child and many more. Everyone (that includes me!) had so much fun singing along with them – I had sore throat after the concert.

If they’re coming again next month or next year or whenever, I WILL GO AGAIN! By hook or by crook, I WILL BE THERE. Only this time, I’ll be armed with a DSLR and taking much, much better shot of them. Especially their lead guitarist, Mikkel Lentz. Ahhh.. we would make a perfect couple, you know. Him and me. Hahahahahah!

After leaving the stadium, I tried my hands on gambling at the Genting casino.

I lost RM100.


PS: I also bought MLTR DVD, CD and a T-Shirt too. The lad promoting their T-Shirt is hot! I can’t believe I didn’t take his photo! But at least he smiled at me when he saw I bought the T-Shirt. *heeeeeheeeee* :B

Photos On My Last Visit To 1 Utama

7th Jun 2007

I went shopping in 1 Utama last Tuesday. It so happened that there was this “Movies” exhibition over there. (aiya, I forgot what the exhibition is called. So I’ll just call is “Movie Mania”) :B

Macam-macam ada..

Woot! I like this one!


A close up photo for all you gold diggers. LOL!

The Simpsons were there too!
Oh man, if only you know the trouble I went though just to get this shot! Kids can’t seem to stop hugging them!! I had to wait like 5 minutes before I could finally take a shot – before a group of monkeys teenagers came and SAT on the family with all kinds of poses for photos.

The two person that needs no introduction.
If you have no idea who they are, then.. I can’t help you much. :P

Well I hope you enjoy the photos. Not too many to see, I know. But it’s almost 4 in the morning. I need my beauty sleep. :B

Hoan Nghênh!

29th Mar 2007

I had the chance to dine at the Vietnam Kitchen (located at 1 Utama) once again and I must say I got really excited everytime I enter the restaurant. Why? Because the foods are grrrrreat!

I took some photos and you could judge it from the look itself. ;)

I forgot what this chicken is called.. but it was SUPER yummy.

My favorite Beef Brisket in Tomato Sauce.
You MUST really try this!

Chicken chop with rice and fried egg.
Chicken is slightly spicy..

Mung with red bean.
Your visit is not complete if you don’t try this delicious drink.

If you’re not tight on budget, I’d suggest you to dine over here. Beautiful environment, delighful music, fast service and the staffs are quite alert too. Overall, I’ve only spent RM52 for the above foods – that’s about the price of eating Japanese foods – only cheaper. So if you happen to be in KL, you REALLY must stop by this restaurant. Your tummy will thank you! ;)