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Stuff I experienced outside!

A Trip To Jusco

14th Jan 2007

I went to Jusco yesterday noon for some grocery shopping.
(Jusco is a supermarket – kinda like Walmart in US)

My hand got itchy so I took some photos for my readers to see (see, I am nice? :P).
Once again, so sorry.. took photos with my mobilephone. The photo quality might not be good.
Well I can’t be lugging my digital camera around while grocery shopping, can’t I?

The first stop was at “The Chicken Rice Shop”.
I was hungry…

Nasi ayam (chicken rice)

I had iced cendol again. *teehee*
It wasn’t that good tho.

After lunch, I had a little walk before proceeding to the “market” place.
There’s a few stalls along the way, selling stuff like silver earrings, bracelets, bags etc.

When I entered the “market”, I thought I was in China! There were huge displays of tang loong (lantern), “chinese flowers” -I don’t know the exact name :P and lots of red decorations!
Yea, Chinese New Year is coming soon so every major shopping complexes are decorating their place with red!

See.. “chinese flowers”.

I felt like I’m in that Korean drama, Winter Sonata. *teehee*

My fav place, the vegetable section. LoL

The singles’ section – instant noodles!

And my MOST favourite part of Jusco:

(very cheap too. they have 20% discounts today. Haha!)

I end up buying a few sushis today. Yay!
Well, hope you like the photos. I’m going to bed already. :sleep:

Pasar Malam

8th Jan 2007

Went to a pasar malam (bazaar? night market?) to buy bubur chacha then thought I’d take some photos for you to see. :P

Sorry, photo quality not really good. Took with my phone camera bah. *teehee*

Not too crowded yet. Some stalls just started putting up their stuff.

A man selling oranges and papayas.

Cookies anyone?

My fav stall. I love their Peppermint Bubble Tea.
P/S I don’t read Chinese btw..

Some plants for sale.

Wahlau got cheap bras too! Wahahahaha!

Good thing about pasar malam is their cheap stuff…

Eh, not really…

OK lah, that’s all the photos I took. I’m too lazy to take photos today actually. :P
Maybe next time ya?

What I Did Yesterday

3rd Jan 2007

Went to this new cinema in KL (well, not really THAT new anymore) called Cineleisure.

I kinda like the place because there were SO many empty spaces and less shops. Well, this place is new.. so you don’t see much shops opened there yet – which is good news to my purse. *teehee* Less shopping place, less things to buy.

Oh by the way, I watched Night At The Museum lastnight. Omagaddddd.. you really ought to watch this movie. It was hilarious!! I couldn’t stop laughing (like it’s my own house) for almost the whole scene. I laughed even harder when it came to the part where Larry (Ben Stiller) exchanged slaps with a monkey named Dexter. LoL!!

Well don’t give me that look.. EVERYONE in the cinema laughed as hard as me too! There’s this uncle who laughed so hard that almost made him choke! (He laughed + coughed the whole show)

I’d really recommend you to watch this movie if you haven’t. Oh, bring your kids along too. They’ll learn a little of American history from this movie, you know^^

So.. apart from watching movie, what else did I do?


I went to this anime shop. Bought my favorite “Crayon Sin Chan” book and then couldn’t resist trying my luck on the toy capsule box!

Have u tried these??

All you need to do is to insert some tokens and twist the uhm.. “twister”? and pray you’ll get the cutest stuff inside. :P Like this one. I was hoping to get that “girl”..

..but I got the guy in the red uniform instead. -.-” Bah!!

Anyway, despite of the lesser shop they have here – I somehow managed to do a little shopping. *teehee* Didn’t spend a lot tho, just on little things like:

A new sock to keep my mobile phone warm^^.
I know, it kinda look like the sock I want for my iPod..

I also bought a nailpolish from Skin Food. :shy: As you can see from the photo, it says the nailpolish has “Jojoba”. LoL.

It’s not that I’m a health-conscious freak, in fact, I don’t even know what “Jojoba” would do to my nails! -.-” It’s the pumpkin-shaped bottle that made me wanna buy this nailpolish.. and I think the color is so cute! So what the heck. Besides, it only cost me RM13. *teehee*

So, that roughly sums up the things I did yesterday (lastnight).

That said, now I’m going off to get my lunch. (Yes, I eat very late lunch. *sigh*)
Enjoy the rest of your day, people! :flirt:

PC Fair In KL

3rd Dec 2006

There’s a PC Fair in town (heard today is the last day) so I went to check it out.

Goodness me, it was jam packed!

Look at all the humans!

I told ya it was packed~~

I don’t know why I took this shot..

There were SO MANY booths and people shouting at your face around, promoting their products.
Some looked so silly with stuff hanging on their bodies, screaming words that I couldn’t understand. :P

I stopped by Mac Computer booth, was intending to buy a new Sock for my iPod.

..but then I found out, they were SOOOOOO expensive! :cry:
And so ~~ I left the booth and walked away..
(I hope “someone” is reading this and would BUY it for me for Christmas. :P)
P/S I want the Pink one to match my pink iPod. :D

I noticed that almost everyone was wearing this funny-looking “reindeer hat”.
I want one too! AMD was giving them away, I heard ~ but I couldn’t find their booth! AAAHHH!
I got sooo frustrated! I feel like snatching it from a kid’s head when his mother wasn’t looking. *heehee*
(I just noticed that I “forgot” to take a photo of that reindeer hat.)

Walked further, and I saw girls giving away free baloons.
(I had to resist myself from taking one)

Whoaa.. give away baloon also have to wear so sexy meh??!! =.=

To tell you the truth, there’s nothing extra ordinary with this PC Fair compared to other fairs I’ve been to. Basically, all the stuff they had on display were the same with the stuff they had in the shops. No new items. No weird looking accessories. No shockingly low prices for all the stuff… and no Santa giving away free computers!!! Worse of all, you had to “dive” in the crowds to make your way ahead.. and let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy job, you know! Breathing on oxygen that smell of armpits and unpleasant body odour is definitely NOT fun! Besides that, people tend to step on your toe (if you were wearing sandals like me) and push you aside to make way for them. *sigh*

Another unpleasant sight you’ll see at the PC Fair:
(Focus on the rubbish please)

The only thing that’s pleasant to see here is my feet. Nice nailpolish, huh? *teehee*

Well.. to sum it up, I ended up not buying anything but I managed to get something FREE tho!

It wasn’t supposed to be given away for free, unless you buy their product. (Apacer)
..but somehow, I managed to get it. I’m not telling you how I get it tho.
And NO, I did NOT steal it!

See how the “hammer” is almost the size of my head?


There’s a few “white thingy” inside the “hammer”, you know.. Whenever you shake it, it makes it look like there’s snow inside. And mind you, there’s a bell too. So when you hit someone with it, the bell rings… =.=
Makes a perfect weapon for a naughty dog or cat ~ or the weaklings. HEHEHEHE.

OK lah, enough talks for today. I wanna watch CSI.
Before I leave, here’s a last photo for you to look at. *heehee*

That’s Tess’ cat. I just got her MMS not too long ago.
She thanked me for the Birthday wish I sent her, and she showed me her new cat!
Ain’t he/she a sweetie? :P (I forgot to ask her the cat’s gender. LOL)

Okie.. enjoy your weekend everyone.
God bless! ;)