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Let’s get personal. :P

it’s been a while..

19th May 2017

Wow, when was the last time I posted in this blog? This poor, poor, blog…

I have been telling myself that I *must* start posting on my blog, at least maybe once a week? But we all know that it didn’t happen.. lol. *sigh* With all the things going on in my life, I find it really hard to sit down and blog like I used to do, and it’s kinda sad.. Blogging used to be a daily thing for me. Whatever happened to that spirit? Do people change as they grow older?

Talked to an old friend of mine yesterday – a girl I used to be classmates with since Kindergarten – about growing up and getting old. I told her about me being worried for myself. Not in a bad way that is, but, well.. just 10 years ago, a visit to the mall means dress shopping or shoe shopping. But look at myself now? A visit to the mall and I’ll find myself going towards Parkson in search of a good bed sheet and dinnerware of all the thing!! That is so worrying!! What’s happening to me?? I am slowly turning into MY MOTHER!

I guess that’s how life cycle goes. We grow, we learn and we get old.. :-(

But on a lighter note, I have grown a liking to calligraphy and hand lettering. Yay!

I’ve actually spent quite a fortune on inks, nibs, brush pen, watercolors, papers etc… but it was all WORTH IT!

I’m still a beginner tho, but I try to practice every single day or whenever I can. It’s fun actually! However, if calligraphy or hand lettering is not your thing, you probably can try other things to fill in your “old” days. lol. Click to see great deal here! You guys would love it, especially if you’re into guitars – like my partner does. But if you’re into calligraphy and hand lettering – kita kawan!! Let’s share photos and info on where to get awesome art supplies! :D

lil sister

14th Aug 2016

So my sister was around last weekend before she flew to Kuching for the Rainforest World Music Fest. During that short visit back home, we managed to do a lil bit of shopping (window shopping included). She got me this unique bracelet from one the of local seller at the mall, it has this pink mini sandal hanging on it – which reminds me so much of the sandy beach.

It was a day filled with foods and lots of walking (under the hot sun!) but fun nonetheless. It got me thinking that I haven’t been spending a lot of time with my lil sister – which is sad, really. I think the only time we actually spent some time together was that time when we did a lil pilgrimage with my parents. My sister and I shared the same room and we spent the nights eating kek lapis Sarawak in the hotel room! Ha ha!

I should make time and spend some quality time with her before she got married and have kids of her own! lol. I guess next year’s Rainforest World Music Festival will be seeing me and my sister together again. In Kuching. Again. I think sisters should go on a vacation together whenever they can. You don’t need a reason for it, just go and spend some time together while you still can.

Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 – we are coming!!!

Love, Thy will be done

9th Aug 2016

Last Sunday, I was at an evening mass in a small town called Kepayan. Now, normally when I’m at that church, I’d be sitting outside since it’s pretty warm inside, but that evening, for some reason, I felt called to sit inside.

The rosary prayer has already started when I sat, so I quickly got my rosary beads out to join in the prayer. As I recite the prayer, I felt the bench jerked backward. Then it jerked again. I turned my head to look and saw the back of the head of a girl. Told myself, “It’s just a kid.” But the moving sensation goes on. That girl was slamming her back on the bench again and again. I started to get so annoyed so I turned my head to look…

And then I saw her. A girl with down syndrome…

Guilt started running inside of me. I felt like a jerk so I looked down on my feet and started asking for forgiveness.

She behaved pretty well during the whole procession. After communion, I drank the water from my bottle and I noticed that she has the same pink bottle as mine, except that mine was a Tupperware brand and hers was the cheaper version. She looked at me and I showed her my bottle to acknowledge that we have the same bottle. I think she smiled at me! Then I suddenly felt this warmth inside of me – I wanted to cry! So I looked down on my feet again, closed my eyes and tried really hard not to drop a tear.

I guess that’s how life is. We judge people too quickly, but until we have been in their shoes, we’ll never know the struggle they went through.

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)

I’d like to end my post with a photo of my freshly picked pucuk ubi from my garden.


God has been so good by providing us fresh veggies everyday. *Ü*

family, friends & fengshui

10th Jan 2016

So I just got back from a small family gathering at my cousin, Mathilda’s home. Great home-cooked meal, lots of laughter and ice-cream party. (we brought ice-creams and buns) It seems that the year 2016 is starting off awesome for me. It’s only January the 10th and already we had 2 family get together where great foods are involved. Another gathering is due to happen again come January 30th – definitely more foods and laughter!

I also recently developed an interest with feng shui: I re-arranged the position of my work desk, computers and printers. Found my kua number and started taking note of my lucky and unlucky sides. I also purchased a few lucky coins, luck coin and crystals in hopes of enhancing my life quality. Through feng shui, I’ve made another new friend. A very nice lady who thought me a lot about feng shui.

2016 is a big year for me.. and I have A LOT of things to do. There’s the modern calligraphy, watercolor painting… I probably should take up music classes too. Maybe it’s time to finally learn how to play super bass or violin!

Whatever it is that 2016 have in store for me, I am all set to face it. With the blessings from the good Lord above, I will be able to go through this year successfully!

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make time for everything

11th Nov 2015

So they say that we make time for everything, don’t let time control your life.

i desperately need more time! 24 hours is just not enough…

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