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Let’s get personal. :P

Living By The 10 Commandments

7th Sep 2007

As a Catholic, I live by the 10 Commandments.

dove.jpg..although there were times when I would cross the line and break a few rules.

Like the 2nd Commandment for instance:
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
I can’t remember how many times have I used the Lord’s name in vain.. like when I was accused of doing something I did not, I’d go: “I didn’t do that. I swear to God!”

Or the 3rd Commandment:
Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath day.
And here I am, missing many Sunday masses.. especially when my parents are not around.

..or the 7th Commandment:
Thou shalt not steal
I admit, I’ve stolen some coins in my parents’ bedroom as a child because I wanted to buy ice-cream…

I know. I’m not proud of what I’ve done so far but I am TRYING as hard as I can to go by the 10 Commandments. I’m TRYING to cuss less everyday too and boy.. I can tell you this: It’s not as easy as it sounds. But I’m trying.

However, I overheard my neighbor’s conversation this afternoon. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

bizwoman.jpg“Hey, do you know anyone who works in Lois Vuitton?”

“No, why?”

“I just got back from Singapore and I’ve lost the key to one of my luggage.”

“Oh, just break the lock or the luggage then..”

“No way! It’s an LV wo…”


I had this urge inside to say:

“Just break the damned thing! LV is SO overrated!”

But in truth.. I’m just jealous that she has an LV luggage. I wanted one too but that thing is so damned expensive. And with that, I’ve broken the 10th Commandment today.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

… Santa is so gonna delete my name off the Nice List :*(

Now a question for my fellow Catholic friends:

Do you live by the 10 Commandments?

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Aku Mau Minum Kupi

22nd Aug 2007

Ugh.. woke up this morning with a terrible headache. It felt like I did not have enough of sleep or something, I’m not sure. But the first thing that came to mind was coffee. LOL. You see, I’m no coffee fan but I have no idea why I crave for one! In fact, I was craving for dark, super strong coffee like the ones my late grandmother used to have every morning for breakfast. (You know, those kopi cap kuda or something. Hahaha!)

kupi.jpgWent to the kitchen in hopes for some coffee but to no avail. I raided the cupboard, hoping to find at least a 3-in-1 coffee. Still, I couldn’t find any. And then it hit me. Aiya, I DO NOT have coffee in this house!

*makes sad face*

At times like this, I wish I have a pot filled with coffee, sitting on the table right now. Or my late grandmother to drink coffee with.


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Thanks For The Memories

9th Aug 2007

house.jpgWhen I was at the age of 13, my parents sent me off to a boarding school. I remember that morning, when mom and dad dropped me off to the dorm where I would be staying, I was totally devastated, sad and scared too. For the past 13 years of my life, I’ve never been apart from my parents. I’ve never even had sleepover at friends’ house – they stayed over my place instead. So you could understand the feelings I had.

“Take care, Cindy. Don’t get yourself into trouble ya?”

I wanted to scream. I wanted to beg. I wanted to cry.. but words couldn’t get out of my mouth, nor could my tears. I stood at the doorway, still clutching on the sweater mom gave me earlier in the car. Kak Eda, a family friend’s daughter who happened to be at the same boarding school, picked up one of my bag and told me that everything would be fine. That she would be there for me…

The moment I entered my room, there were four sets of bunk beds, all covered with white sheets. She pointed at a lower bed, indicating that it would be my bed during my stay at the dorm. I asked her if I could get the top one, and she said, “Aren’t you afraid of height? You might fall at night while you sleep..” So I chose the lower bed.

melon.jpgLife at the boarding school weren’t that easy but it was fun at times. Losing my temper with some of the tenants, having my bed sheet stolen from the drying place, skipping classes with my friends and hiding inside our locker when the warden came to do the routine check, stealing someone else’s Mirinda Orange that was left unattended at the study room and shared it within my circle of friends, getting caught playing Ouija Board by the discipline teacher, experiencing a ghostly encounter at the dorm .. are just some of the many things I experienced there.

During my whole stay at the boarding school, there was never a Friday that goes by without having me by the public phone, crying to my parents.

“Pleeeeeeeease.. take me home. I want to go home!!!”

Can you believe that my parents had to endure these kind of calls every Friday? LOL. I know that sound pathetic but that’s what I did. I’d save my coins on Thursday just to make sure I have enough coins to make that Friday call..

Then one afternoon, after class, I was on my way back to the dorm when I saw my father at the dorm entrance. I quickly ran to him and cried while hugging him, still begging for him to take me home. I know he would give me the usual “Come on, Cindy.. just hang in there. It’s for your own good..” but I don’t care. I just want to let him know that I want to go home.

“You can start packing your stuff. We’ll fetch you home this weekend.”

family.jpgI couldn’t believe what I heard!! I can FINALLY go back home with my parents!! So before the weekend arrive, I’ve already finished packing my stuff and informed all of my friends that I would be leaving. 6 MONTHS OF CRYING every Friday on the public phone, my parents finally gave in. It was kinda sad saying goodbye to my friends, honestly. I will never forget the look on Mimi’s face when she cried at the window waving goodbye to me. She was one of my closest friend at the dorm. She was the one who taught me how to eat Maggi (instant noodle) without cooking it. We had so much fun altogether… As much as I hate leaving her and my other friends behind, I was more thrilled that I could finally go home with my parents, eating home-cooked meal and having a housemaid to do my laundry! Hahahaha!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my 6 months stay in that dorm, was transforming myself into a more independent person. At the boarding school, I learned how to wash my clothes, I learned how to deal with many people from all walks of life, I learned how to respect the elders, I learned how to appreciate my parents more… and I learned how life outside of home is. It was at the boarding school that I learned how to hang my laundry properly, according to their sizes at the hanging line. (To this day, I cannot stand seeing how people would just dry their clothes in the most ugly way. They should hang it according to the sizes!!) I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to learn.. I wouldn’t want to change that even if I had the chance to go back to my past. In fact, it was the life in a boarding school that made me decide to get a mini pillow as my friend..

One that Malaysian people would call bantal busuk.

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10 Things I Hate

7th Aug 2007

Wah hahaha.. I’ve been tagged again. Thanks to lovely Ann, you will find out today the top 10 things I hate. (Aiya, why only 10? I could go on you know…)


Food I Hate
Spicy foods – because I can’t take spicy foods.

Fruit I Hate
Dulian. (Durian) Can’t stand the smell.

brinjal.jpgVeggies I Hate
Brinjal a.k.a. Eggplant.

Celebrities/People That I Hate
Loud-mouthed people. LOL

Event/Situation/Incident that I hate
When I had to clean up people’s mess..

TV shows/movies that I hate
Bad movie. Like this one Malaysian so-called horror movie where the girl screamed from the start till the end of the movie. -_-

Music I hate
It must be techno.. they make my head spin.

Household chores that I hate
Folding clothes!!

Things that you hate around the world
Humans are turning into barbarians by killing each other.

Things that you hate about yourself
I’m a perfectionist.


That said, now it’s time to tag someone else. Muahahahaha!

I’m tagging: Pauline, Blusher & Laane

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After The Birthday..

6th Aug 2007

Sick of my photo already? Bet you were.

I’m sorry for not posting anything these past few days, nor did I managed to blog hop and leave comments. In fact, I missed a party yesterday… that person must be really pissed with me right now, because I promised her I’d come. Well the thing is, I wasn’t feeling very well these past 2 days. I guess it must be the excessive diet pill I’m taking… Er.. well, I’ve been eating a lot on my birthday, hence the excessive diet pill. Heh.

Anyway, let’s not talk about it.. because I know *someone* is reading my blog and I do not wish to make *that* person worry about me. I’m fine. I’ll be fine!

Well, here’s a few photos of the stuff I had on my birthday.. you’ll understand why I’m worried about my weight. LOL





Only TWO bags! Weeee!

I guess that’s it for today. I’ll blog again later.. I have a few assignments (paid postings) to waiting in the mailbox but I guess I’ll do it tomorrow or later in the evening. Have a wonderful day everyone.

PS: Happy Wedding Anniversary to my dearest brother Kay Stanford. You can view my post a year ago for their First Wedding Anniversary from here. There’s also a few photos to see. :)