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Let’s get personal. :P

It’s My Birthday!!!

3rd Aug 2007

Wahhh!!! I can’t believe that I’m a year older today. How time flies!! It feels like it was only yesterday that my mom sent me to the kindergarten and I cried when she left.. Thank goodness I was seated beside a kind girl named Dora, who comforted me when I cried. She cried with me. |-_-|

Anyway, earlier today, at 12 midnight, I decided to buy myself some cake from Coffee Bean, just for the heck of it. By the time I found one, it was already closed. Then I went to another place that I know Starbucks and Coffee Bean existed. Again, they were all closed. Cis.

So where did I end up?


Oreo McFlurry replaced the cake for the time being. Heh. Oh.. I also find out that I can finally drink Milo again!! Yes!!! I used to throw up whenever I have that, but today.. I didn’t!!!

I also took some photos of me at McDonald’s – just for the fun of it. Aiya… it’s my birthday, so I’m allowed for some cam-whoring. Right? LOL


Just one photo to show you would be enough. Didn’t wanna make you sick for the rest of the day. Mwahahahaha!

Well I better get to bed. I’ll go out and buy me some cake later in the afternoon. Probably treat myself to some shopping again. We’ll see.

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I’m Off For A Concert!

13th Jul 2007

In a few hours from now, I’ll be off to Genting to attend a Michael Learns To Rock concert. YAY!! I can’t tell you how excited I am (bet I can’t even sleep tonight. LOL!), but I bet you knew it already. *heehee*


And for my friend, Shana, who couldn’t join me to this concert.. here’s a song by Michael Learns To Rock for you. This song is titled You Took My Heart Away.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I’ll blog about the concert when I’m back. :B

Weeeeeeee… I’m so excited, I don’t even know what to wear! Heeheehee..

UPDATE: Did you noticed that today is Friday the 13th? Wahhh… maybe I can “see” something on the way to Genting later. :P

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A Birthday Wish..

3rd Jul 2007

The calendar shows July 3rd today.

Exactly a month away from my birthday.

Am I excited? Not really. In fact on my birthday last year, I cried in the shower. Emo.. maybe. The thing is, birthday at an adult age is just not as fun as the time when you’re a kid.

Back when I was a child, my parents used to have this double birthday celebration for both me and my brother at the same time. That means, having to share the same cake with my brother every year. That means, instead of having a “Happy birthday Cindy”, we had “Happy birthday Cindy and Kay”. Note that it’s Cindy and Kay not Kay and Cindy – because I would throw a tantrum if my brother’s name was mentioned first. *sigh* I know, I wasn’t exactly an angel when I was a child. LOL!

During those years, all birthday cakes at the bakery looked similar – only the colors made the difference. A birthday cake would always have chocolate rice on the sides, topped with flowers made out of wafers and butter icings. Mind you, do not even try to grab the flower off my birthday cake or I’ll scream at you. The flower deco was like the “highlight” of the cake and I would make sure my first piece would have the flower on top. Hehehehe…

Birthdays were a great way of having a family gatherings back then. My uncles and aunts would come over to our house, bringing gifts for both of us (poor thing had to buy 2 gifts. Haha!) and we’ll have this food fest. Well we have a large family from both my dad and mom’s side, so it’s only normal for us to have a grand food fest followed by the famous drinking session. *giggle* My cousin would come along to celebrate our birthday too. In fact, my late cousin Jublie broke my bicycle during one of our birthday party while racing with another cousin of mine! LOL! I also still have the beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary that uncle John gave me on my 6th birthday. It’s safely kept on the altar back at my parents’ home.

That was years back.

Look at how birthdays are celebrated by the adults now. Most would go out clubbing with friends? Have a booze with their close friends? Birthday bash at famous eateries like Chillis? etc. Do you see many adults that actually celebrate birthdays at home, with their families, BBQ, karaoke, dancing.. whatever comes to mind. I think the answer would be: Hardly. The reasons could vary. Most of us adults don’t live with our parents anymore. Most adults prefer hanging out with their friends outside than having a birthday party at home which could sound too childish. Maybe.

I for one, no longer live with my parents.. and they’re miles, miles away from me. But if I were to have the birthday party I want, I would love to have another double birthday celebration for both me and my brother. Back home, with my parents, my uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. And this time, the cake would write: “Happy birthday Kay and Cindy”. Bringing gifts for both of us are not required, as I know we’re both adults – that means buying gifts for both of us would be costly, as you can no longer buy us a Barbie and a toy Robot. Hahaha! Besides, I’ve already have something on my mind what I want for my birthday, and I’ll buy it for myself. Ahhh… if only this double birthday party could happen.. I would be the happiest girl on earth. And you know what? I might even invite you over for the party too. :B

And NO, you cannot have the flowers off my cake.

She’s Got A Friend In Me

24th Jun 2007

I was looking at some old photographs that I managed to scan into my Notebook today. There was a photograph of an old friend of mine, who happened to be my neighbor by coincidence. I call it coincidence because she was my playmate at the kindergarten I went to and a few months later, we became neighbors – my parents moved to a new home which happened to be just beside her home! Imagine the joy I felt the moment I saw her face, standing at her balcony, greeting us with a smile while we were unloading stuff off the truck. Yes, from then onward, we became the best of friends.

I remember clearly how we used to climb up the cherry tree, getting ourselves a branch each and called it “our room”. Sometimes, we managed to sneak out a box of matches from the kitchen and we’ll play masak-masak (cooking). Normally we’ll get an empty can, filled it with water and boil some cherry leaves. We called it “stew”. And if we were lucky enough to find a bird’s nest, we’ll have “omelette” too!

Well, every beginning has an end. So was our stay in that house. After 5 years of being a resident in that neighborhood, my parents decided to move to another town. (Dad got a better job offer) I remember how busy my parents were, packing our stuff into the boxes. I managed to help my mom packed her china collection with the bubble wrap too. As I was too young that time, I didn’t really know why she’d pack the china with those.. all I know was that – it was fun popping those bubbles. Haha! (Well I found out later that the bubble wraps provides a “cushion” for the china, hence protecting it from getting damaged due to the long distant journey) If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, I can tell you this: Get those bubble wraps. It really helps.


I still talk to my friend every now and then, although we weren’t as close as we used to anymore. I guess time and distance plays a big part on this. Sometimes, I wish that we’ve never moved. Maybe she and I could still be the best of friends. Maybe we could go to college together and have each other to cry on when we got our hearts broken by the boys. Maybe I could be there to comfort her when her father passed away. Maybe I would be her maid of honor on her wedding day a few years back. Maybe… just maybe. But I guess that’s how life is. You face changes in your life. Nobody could avoid changes. Sometimes changes are good, sometimes unexpected.. but when changes comes knocking on your door, be prepared to face it. You’ll never know what’s waiting for you behind the door.

It might be a good one.

Porridge For A Sick Girl

23rd Jun 2007


My stomach hurts really bad today due to gastric. I basically spent the whole day trying not to die puke myself to death. Yes, I mentioned vomitting but I never mentioned headache or cravings of sour foods so I am NOT pregnant.

At times like this, solid food made the pain worse, so I had to resort to … eating porridge.

Sorry, picture a bit blurry. My hands were shaky.. I’m not feeling well lah.

I had “SRP” porridge at the Nibong Tebal Restaurant for dinner. Please don’t ask me what “SRP” stands for. I only remembered that “P” stands for “Peanut” – there were peanuts in the porridge.. so I just knew. It must be it! The time is only 11:57 PM right now, and already… I’m feeling hungry again. Grrrrr.. that’s the one thing I hate about eating porridge. They make me go hungry fast!

OK once again, I do not plan to complain about it. I’m going to look at it in a positive way.

I might lose weight from this.


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