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Let’s get personal. :P

Hi, My Name Is Cindy Bradshaw

22nd Jun 2007

I check my email on a daily basis. In fact, I check my Inbox more than I do my mailbox – because I know people hardly send me surprise gifts to my mailbox as compared to my virtual mail. Haha!

But today, there was something else on my Inbox.

An email that I’ve never thought I’d receive.

Can you guess what it was already?

If you watch Sex & The City, then you’d understand why I chose THAT title for today’s post. They’re all related, my friends. ;)

OK, here’s the news:

I received an email from the Director of a woman’s magazine from the US – and no, it wasn’t a modelling career offer, don’t worry. What he offered me is to be a contributor to their fastest growing women’s site/portal on the Internet. Yep, me, Cindy, the ever so confused sumandak. I just got an offer to become one of their expert writer, to write about an area of my expertise for them. Woot!

Now, now.. don’t get too excited for me, there are still…confusions on some area. At least from MY side. .. I am still unsure of whether I should accept the offer or just turn my back? Will I be able to commit myself to write for them? Am I really ready for this? .. am I really that good? Those were the questions that popped through my head. Though the one main question would be: Will I be earning a lot from them? LOL!!

Either way, I have to make a decision.

tamagotchi.jpgMaybe I’ll think about it while I’m on the Tamagotchi. Remember the pink Tamagotchi that I bid on eBay and made a big fuss about it when someone decided to outbid me again and again? Well, I won and it arrived this morning. As you can see in the picture, that damned thing just pooped!

Great. I just got another offer.

Cleaning a virtual pet’s poo. *teeheehee* :B

PS: Sorry I can’t tell which magazine offered me that. At least not yet.

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Just One Of Them Days

21st Jun 2007

The Internet is acting up yet again. I could hardly browse a local based website, let alone the International ones. Grrr.. guess there won’t be any paid posting for me tonight. Oh well, maybe it’ll get better tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Last night, before going to bed, I turned off the light as usual. It was pitch dark and I could hardly find my way. Somehow, I managed to reach the bed. I landed both my hand first – imagine dragging your lazy self on the bed. That’s how I did it. The moment my knees touched the bed, I felt a sharp object went through my left knee.

Pain. I thought.

I quickly assumed it to be my nails. But it was dark and I was dead tired, so I decided to ignore the pain. But the moment I slipped myself under the cover, the pain hurts even more. Annoyed, I got out of the bed and turned the light on.

By golly, my knee was bleeding!

Gah. My nails had actually scraped the skin off my knee and it was almost the size of a 5 cents coin… I wanted to cry at the sight.. :( I managed to find a Band-Aid and, well, you should probably know what I did with it.

mango-loh.jpgWasn’t really a good night for me. I could feel the pain on my knee through the whole night. But I’m not going to complain tho.. because a few hours before the cut, I was outside eating my favorite Mango Loh. It’s a kind of dessert made of mango, sago pearls, blended ice topped with mango puree. It’s really yummy!

So you see, there’s nothing much to complain about. In fact, I’m just thankful for Mango Loh and Band-Aids for they have made my day last night. Probably tonight too – because I just got a fresh Band-Aid for my knee while I’m typing this.

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To All The Millionaires Out There..

18th Jun 2007

My birthday is just 2 months away, and I’d like to get this fine art by my favorite artist, William Bouguereau.

This is the Les Prunes, also known as Prunes.


If you’re not willing to buy the original painting for me, it’s no big deal. A reproduction of it would do just as fine! Pleeeease, pretty please. I’ll blog about you in my blog and tell the world of your kindness. :)

PS: The painting must be OIL ON CANVAS type.
No cheapskate photocopy or printouts, please. *teehee*

…I hope Donald Trump or Bill Gates is reading this post.
Hey Mr. Gates, I’m using a GENUINE Windows XP on my Notebook!

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I Have A Friend In Netherlands

18th Jun 2007

What a lovely surprise to find a gift in my mailbox:



Thank you, Imbi. You’re such a sweetie! I love it, it’s so cute!
(Oh you could bet, the gnome looks cuter than me. LOL!)

To Imbi:
I’m so glad to have you as my friend .. we’ve come a long way, ya?
And I’d love to hear you play the bagpipe for me someday. *hint* :love:

Gone.. But Not For Long

12th Jun 2007

Hello people.

If you don’t see me blogging for a few days, that’s because I’m up with something.. I don’t feel like talking about it but don’t worry.
(I wonder if anyone actually worries about me.. :P) It’s going to be OK and I would be doing something out of the ordinary. Well, at least for me lah. Hahaha.

In the meantime, check out my new toy!


My sister in-law is so gonna kill me if she found out I went ahead and bought it despite her not recommending me to. LOL! Can’t help it bah.. Anything that has the word “slimming” gets my attention (and my purse, in this case).

You can read more about this new toy of mine in my personal blog.

See ya when I get back!

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