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Let’s get personal. :P

Three Cheers For The Burmese

11th Jun 2007

I noticed that I’ve ran out of peanut butter when I watched the TV this afternoon. (Yes, I’m the kind of person who licks on peanut butter while watching TV) So later in the evening, I went out to fetch some bread and peanut butter. The sky was clear, so obviously there was no need to take an umbrella with me. At least not into the supermarket. An hour later, KABOOM!

Loud thunder followed by lightning strike. Mighty Thor was probably laughing at me at this point. It began to rain!!!!

The car was about 20 feet away and there is NO WAY I am going to run toward it, especially not when I’m carrying my brand new leather bag and a plastic bag filled with Gardenia bread and Peanut Butter! Die lah, die lah, die lah.. So I think, and think.. ok, wasn’t thinking much actually. I decided to just stand and wait till the rain stop, but it doesn’t seem to stop. It’s getting heavier by the minute! I have no choice but to go back to the supermarket and asked the supervisor guy (Well he was wearing a green colored shirt while the rest were yellow. So he must be the Supervisor. :P) if they have any umbrella for sell.. and if by any chance they’re having discount for umbrellas on rainy days. Hehehe…

“Buy?! Don’t want borrow? I have umbrella. Where your car?”

“Uhm.. about 20 feet away..”

“I bring you to your car. Come.”

Then the Supervisor said something in Burmese to his staff, a guy in a yellow shirt.

“Follow me.”

So this guy in the yellow came with an umbrella on his hand. But it wasn’t the type that I was expecting he would have…









Obviously this wasn’t the umbrella, but it resembles the EXACT umbrella he has!

Yes, he took out a HUGE garden patio umbrella, bearing the name “Carlsberg” on it! I got frightened at the first sight, I screamed! A group of uncles who were seated at the other corner of the supermarket looked at us and cheered.

“Wahh… very special ohh. Sponsored by Carlsberg wan!”

So uhm, not to waste time (because the umbrella looked heavy and the guy was skinny..) I went under the umbrella and walked towards the car. OHMYGODLAH, raining so heavy. I was splashing water all over myself when I walk! Lucky I’m wearing my rubber Esprit slippers, or else, the water would’ve ruin my sandals. Hahahaha!

I tried so hard not to laugh or giggle during the short walk to the car, I didn’t wanna hurt the guy’s feeling – he looked so serious while handling the huge umbrella – but I couldn’t! I was giggling all the way.

When we reached the car, I hurriedly offered the guy a RM2 as a “thank you” tip but he declined. :( He doesn’t want it.. (maybe RM2 too cheap ar?) I forced him to take the money, he forced me not to! LOL! I wanted to slip the money into his jean pocket, but I’m afraid he might say I’m sexually harassing him. So… I took the money back lah.. I repeatedly said “Thank you arrr..” to him. He raised his hand to say “Bye” and walked back toward the supermarket.

I was wet from waist down but my leather bag and groceries were clean and dry.

To the Burmese man (and the supervisor).. may the good Lord bless you both with abundance of health and wealth. It might be just a small gesture to you, but it was an act of kindness, and a huge one too.. Not only for me, but for my leather bag and the peanut butter. (and the Gardenia bread).

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Cindy Is Extremely Happy Today!

2nd Jun 2007

OooOoooOoo this is such a happy day for me! :D

When I open my email this afternoon, I got a notice from PayPal that I’ve just received payment of $86 from Bloggerwave. I smiled from ear to ear, because I’m finally convinced that Bloggerwave is NOT a scam like most people said in their Blog. :B

Then later at night (after dinner), I went to check my email again. Can’t help it, I’m an email freak. *giggle* I got another email from PayPal that I’ve received another fund of $97.50 from Reviewme. YAY!!!!! It’s like an early Christmas for me today.. woot!!

And then.. (I’m almost done talking. I promise) I went to check my VMI Card account to see if the money I transfered from PayPal a few days ago went through. And it DID! Hurray! The transfer trial went through! I am now $500 richer. LOL! LOL! LOL!

OK, that’s all. I’ll stop talking now. I just wanna let you know that I’m a happy bunny today. :B

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Selamat Hari Guru – Belated

17th May 2007

I didn’t know yesterday was Teacher’s Day in Malaysia..
until I read my brother’s blog.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my former teachers for the all the education, love, scoldings, pinches, canes, etc to me. *tee hee* Especially to the 3 teachers I sayang (adore) the most:

i) Cikgu David Joummy
ii) Mrs. Julia Dawilla
iii) Cikgu Simun Guntalip

Amongst the 3 teachers, Mrs. Julia Dawilla is the most stern and scariest (LOL) teacher. Every student is afraid of her, even her coughs from the distance gave shivers down me timbers! But despite that, I still adore her – mainly because I was her brightest English student in class, hence the extra attention I got from her. :B

I do not know where these 3 teachers are currently… I’ve lost contact with them when I moved from a city to another. The last time I heard about Cikgu Simun Guntalip was back in 1994 when I saw him singing on channel RTM 1 on TV!!! :D

If you happen to know either of them, please send them my love. I doubt that they’ll remember me, but I will always keep them in my heart and forget them I never will.

“Selamat Hari Guru!”

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