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Let’s get personal. :P

Wow, They Still Have This?

9th May 2007

Remember back in our schooldays where pencil box is a must-have items in our bags?

I was grocery shopping at Carrefour when I stopped by the pencil box section and saw cute little colorful ones, some even comes with a puzzle on the top!

Those pencil box really brings back my schooldays memories when I used to compete with this girl named Noorlinah on who has the prettiest pencil box. I tend to change mine every month, and if that wasn’t enough, my pencil box would always be filled up with colorful pens and cute stickers on the interior. Talk about interior design!

I really miss my school days.. and I wonder where Noorlinah is right now. The last time I heard of her, she got married at a very young age.

More photos of my grocery shopping trip can be found HERE at my new PhotoBlog. :B


p/s OK, maybe school children still uses pencil box for their pencils etc.. but after all these years, I thought someone would come up with a new, modern way of storing these items. Maybe a stick-on-bag for pencils? LOL!

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Foreign Beauty 1st Year Anniversary – Well, Almost

7th May 2007

I renewed my domain name and the host for this blog last week, and my how time flies. I remember blogging in my first free website in Geocities. A very simple blog that nobody reads – because I hardly know anyone on the Net. Too bad I never took a screenshot of my first blog. It would be awesome if I did, because I’d be able to look at it and laugh at my attempt in creating a website. Lame colorful background with eye-poking blinking names of mine and the Website title. LOL.

And then I made my first purchase from a local host that I found on the Net. This time, I made my blog decorated with my own, handmade graphics. Thank goodness I have a photo of it!

If you could read the mini fonts, all applause to you!

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I Have A New Blog – Again!

5th May 2007

Uhm, my bf complained that this blog has turned into a rather.. er.. too commercialized already. LOL! Well er, I kinda think he’s right. What to do, I’m on my way to making millions so I have to do reviews and sponsored post. :B Anyway, my main reason to post about this is not for you to condemn my already too-commercialized blog.. but to announce about my newborn baby blog. Mwahahahaha!

OK, the story behind my new blog is .. I found a cheap MEGA sized host and I couldn’t resist from buying it! And the best part is, they accept payments through PayPal too! Hehehe.. I have quite a large sum of $$ in my PayPal, so I decided to buy the host. Nice.. not a single penny from my pocket or credit card was used for this new host. Besides, I’ve always wanted a mega sized hosting to host my photos online.

So in short, this new blog will be my Photo Blog. (although there would be times where you’ll find some random personal post or emo post over there) *teehee* Every minor or major event in my life that I managed to capture with my digital camera would be showcased in that blog. So.. if you have nothing better to do, you are most welcome to sneak around.

The link to my blog is .
If you’re too lazy to type that in the browser, just click OVER HERE. :B

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Happy Birthday, Kay Stanford

2nd May 2007

Today marks the 31st birthday of my brother, Kay Stanford.

Wow.. how time flies, I can’t believe that my brother is now a grown up man, married and is already in the early 30s. It felt like it was yesterday when we were kids, running around in our mom’s lingerie at the old house we used to live in, fighting for the swing in the backyard, competing with each other – who could save the most pocket money by the end of the year, another fight over who should get the pink address label over the yellow ones (which resulted to our dad’s interference – I lost the pink label by the way)… and how could I ever forget the day he punched me and broke my front tooth – because I slapped him too hard over the “who-could-resist-slaps-the-most game”. LOL!

Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of precious times together.. one of those would be the day I became his maid of Honor on his wedding day to his beautiful Portuguese bride.

I was crying happy tears before this photo was taken, hence the smudged mascara. :B

I know there would be many more precious memories to come in the future.. like maybe the day I become his son/daughter’s Godmother. (*hint* *hint* to my sister in-law. Mwhahahaha!)

By the way, I had to steal this photo from his blog… because the World needs to know how much I suffered as a child.

That’s me, crying. (stop laughing already!!)
Oh yeah, my brother. Now the World knows that you bullied me when I was a kid, because I wasn’t able to climb up the table so I could be as “tall” as you – and to make it worse, you made funny faces to tease me!

You can see more of our old photos in his birthday post. Finally you get to see how we both look like when we were kids. *mwahahahaha*

To my dearest big brother, Kay Stanford…

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! !

Many, many more to come. I love you!!!! :love: