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Let’s get personal. :P

Apple, Apple On The Table. Who’s My Lover Of Them All?

25th Apr 2007

When I was 14, most of the girls in my class were already “taken” by a boy (puppy love lah!) so you’d understand why our main topic of discussion during the break would be about boys. You know how it is, being in love with a boy and all you could think of is talk about them day and night – regardless of how boring the story would be, as long as the friend you are talking to doesn’t turn green or passes out.

I remember a girlfriend of mine who talks daily about this boy, how strong their love are, how they have planned a name for their future kids – all this at the age of 14! Of course it sounded so cute at that time that we would go “ahhhhh..” whenever she turned up with new stuff she got from her boyfriend. So I asked her one day:

“Do you think he’ll be THE ONE who’s gonna marry you someday?”

She paused with what looked like she was thinking, then answered, “Positive!”

Out of nowhere, Mei Ling (another girl in our daily gossip group) shouted: “There’s a Chinese way of finding out your future husband, you know!” And of course… all the girls’ eyes opened wide and begged for more information.

“Simple. According to the Chinese belief, all you need is a mirror, candle, apple and a knife.”

“Haaaar??!” replied all of us.

“Shut up, do you wanna know or not?!”

Everyone nodded, me included.

“At 12 midnight, place a mirror on a table. Light a candle on the side of it and make sure you could see yourself in the mirror. Then you start peeling off the apple’s skin slowly — by slowly, I mean NO broken peels. The apple must be peeled off in a go. When you’re done, you would be seeing the reflection of your future husband in the mirror.”

To this point, everyone gawked, followed by a chant of “Waaaahhh…. waaahhhhh..”

..but Mei Ling had to spoil the fun, “HOWEVER — if the skin breaks halfway, your future husband will DIE!”


I don’t know if what Mei Ling said is true. I might be a superstitious person and I was dying to know who my future husband would be at that time – but I’ve never tried it. Not because I was afraid of the dark, but mainly because:

i. We hardly have apples in the refrigerator. My mom prefered grapes.
ii. I don’t have the skill to peel the apple skin without breaking it halfway.
iii. I didn’t want my “future husband” to die. :B

Do you believe in stuff like this, by any chance?

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Down Memory Lane.. Once More

30th Mar 2007

I remember creating my first “Homepage” at Tripod back in 1996.. it was a simple website with silly background of colorful heart candies and annoying header that blinks. I remember staying up all night scanning photographs after another so I could upload them and showcase it to the rest of the World. LOL! I remember posting a photo of me on top of a tree too.. :B

I think I’ve deleted that page (or maybe I forgot the URL).. I don’t know. If I DID delete that website, then it would be one of my biggest regret in my life. I should’ve kept it for future reference at how “smart” I was with my first website. Besides, it would serve as a good joke for my future kids. *giggles*

I do, however, own another website in Geocities. My 2nd website, created back in 2003. Abandoned, never updated and a few dead links are some of the things you’ll find over there. You’ll also find a few old graphics that I drew in that website too. (I used to have a Graphic website called Borneo Graphics)

I’m glad I kept that website for I had a good time reading the pages all over again today. If you’d like to visit, you’re more than welcome to enter my cozy online home^^

Feel free to sign my Guestbook too. I know there’s a few S-P-A-M there but nothing I can do. I forgot my username & password for that Guestbook. Worse, I forgot which email I used for the registration – hence there’s no way I could retrieve my password!

p/s You *might* love the background music in the Guestbook too. :B

UPDATE: Someone left a PRIVATE entry in the Guestbook lastnight….. -.-

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That Moody Sumandak

21st Mar 2007

I have come to the point where seeing my blog is the last thing I want to do. I’m tired of my blog.. and I’m tired of blogging. In fact, I almost decided to shut down this blog once and for all.

Then I changed the theme just for the fun of it. It may look familiar to you if you’ve been to my other blog. Yep, used the same theme only with different header. Call me lazy, I am. I couldn’t be bothered to create another design…. I’m just.. tired of everything! Well, hopefully this “new look” is gonna boost my will-power to blog again.

Not 100% complete tho, I’ll add the links and other stuff on the sidebar later. In the meantime, you all have to endure my mood and the bunny girl. And oh, I have new smilies too. Miriam loved the smilies I used in my other blog and she requested if I would use it here too. Good news, amiga.. now you can!

p/s I still love my previous theme. I might use it back soon. :)

Feeling A Little Bit Emo

16th Mar 2007

Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time…

Ohy by the way, I found an old pixel graphic that I drew back in 2003 when I used to run this small graphic website called Borneo Graphics. I’m quite surprised I still have this one..

Sorry, no long entry or stuff to talk about today. Am feeling a bit emo tonight.. :(

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Memories Of An Ouija Board

14th Mar 2007

* WARNING: Long post ahead

Have you ever seen an Ouija Board?

It looks something like this:

This is the William Fuld design

It is believed that one can receive messages during a séance by the Ouija board, simply by placing the finger on the planchette which then moves about the board to “spell” out messages.


I did.

..and I’m going to share my experience with you. Prepare a cuppa coffee, get a comfortable seat and enjoy my entry of the day.. :P


I was sent to a boarding school back in 1991. Every night at 8 o’clock, we’ll go to the Study Room and stayed till 11PM. What we plan to do after 11 is up to us. Most would stay to study in the Study Room while some would be off cooking instant noodles for supper. Lights off at midnight and so the activity begins…

One night, a senior (who happened to be my roommate) invited me to a “special gathering” at the Senior’s Study Room. (Juniors & Seniors have separate Study Rooms) Excited to be invited by a Senior, I accepted her invitation so we head to the Senior’s Study Room. It was after 12 midnight and we had to sneak out of our bedroom and walked past the Warden’s house silently. When we finally arrived at the Senior’s Study Room, there it was.. on the table.. an Ouija Board! (a home made Ouija Board by the way – made out of cardboard. LOL!) Ah well, can’t expect us to have the AUTHENTIC Ouija Board, we were students who lived off our parents’ money..

We were made to swear not to mouth about this gathering to anyone before we were allowed to sit. Everyone made the pinky promise, I did too. Heh. As I was a newcomer, I wasn’t allowed to sit at the main table.. so I sat behind the Senior (my room mate) holding on to my pillow. (Ya, I brought my pillow with me. LOL)

It was pitch dark in the room. The only light source we had was the candle placed next to the Ouija Board. A coin (20 cents coin) was placed on the home made Ouija Board. Four seniors sat at the main table, placed their finger on the coin and started chanting..

“O spirit, spirit of the coin.. please come in.”

The chants continued.. my hair at the back of my neck started to raise. I could sense an eerie feeling around me. It was really creepy.

Suddenly, the coin began to move.

I looked in amazement. The “leader” started asking questions like “What’s your name?”, “Where did you come from?”, “How did you die?”. Surprisingly, all questions were answered and it looked like everything was going smooth. A Senior (who was sitting with me, watching) suddenly said,

“Hey.. if you guys weren’t bluffing, ask her what color is the panty I’m wearing right now!”

O-R-A-N-G-E came the answer.

She peeked in her pants and gawked. “Shit, that was right!!”

They played with the Ouija Board until it was close to 2AM when they finally decided it’s time for bed.

“O spirit, spirit of the coin, please go home.”

The coin spelled N-O.

“O spirit, spirit of the coin, please go home.”

Again, it spelled N-O.

The Seniors began to panic. The leader began to have cold sweat and begged the spirit to go home. After many failed attempts, one of the Senior who was watching from behind me – stood up, grabbed the coin from them and threw it out the window.

“Now we can go to sleep.”

According to the beliefs on Ouija Board, if a session was left without sending the spirit home.. the spirit will remain in the room. As we were all scared and creeped out, we ran out of the room and head to our bedrooms hoping that the spirit would go away.

The next morning, everyone was glad that none of us woke up looking like this:

I hope I didn’t scare you away. *teehee*

However later that evening, we were disturbed by a loud scream coming from a Senior’s room. She was standing at the corridor, screaming hysterically while pointing at the lawn.

“I saw it!! Oh my God I saw it!!”

Everyone, including the Warden rushed to her side to calm her down. Later that day, we learned that she saw troops of what looked like Japanese soldiers marching at the lawn. I couldn’t remember what happened to that Senior after, but I remember vaguely she changed into a very quiet person after that day.

The next morning at school, I was told by a school prefect that Mr. Lee Chye Ewe wanted to see me. Mr. Lee is the school’s Head of Disciplinary. My heart beats faster than a bullet train (ok, that was exagerrating. ehehe.. ) Just thinking of that fierce look of Mr. Lee made me wanna cry. Everyone’s afraid of Mr. Lee. He have the look that could make you pee in your pants just hearing him call your name. I kid you not! The short journey to Mr. Lee’s office was no fun at all. I’ve no idea WHY I was called to his office. What if I get a public caning like that boy last week? I will definitely die of shame!

I arrived at Mr. Lee’s room, wondering which Disciplinary code did I break… until I saw the Seniors. All of them who were present that night in that Study Room. (Damnit, they told Mr. Lee my name too!) Mr. Lee placed the Ouija Board on the table, smirked and said:

“Ask your friend what color is the undies I’m wearing now?”

No one dared to touch the board. The Seniors were looking down at the floor, crying maybe? I know I was about to cry..
I couldn’t remember what happened next but I remember well that we were spared of public caning.

After that incident, no one ever mentioned about Ouija Board anymore. I still hangout with the Seniors.. and in fact, I got myself a pet sister. *smiles*

So do I believe in those spirits of Ouija Boards?
I chose to keep it to myself.

Hey, did you know that the girl in that Exorcist movie started having disturbance after she found an Ouija Board?

Well now you know.

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