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Let’s get personal. :P

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

6th Mar 2007

How come nobody told me it’s the month of Lent already??

I had Japanese food last Friday and was happily blogging about it, and today I read from a friend’s blog who said:

“..since it’s the month of Lent, my wife and I decided to go for vegetarian food.”

Holy cow! I had meat on a Friday, IN THE MONTH OF LENT! >< Ahh.. I feel like a bad Christian. Speaking of being a Christian, I remember a few years back (during college time), my best friend and I decided to go out after a long day of assignment-writing. We went clubbing the whole night, went home around 4AM with a bottle of tequila on our hand. We decided to continue drinking since the clubs were closed. Come 7AM, we were still talking, laughing and drinking – getting really drunk too!

“Hey Tess, isn’t it Sunday today?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Wanna go to church?”


“Yes, I’ll take a shower and get changed.”

My best friend went home to get changed and we went to Sacred Heart Cathedral. We arrived at the church on time but there was no seat left so we had to stand. Drunk, dizzy (we haven’t been sleeping for 2 straight days!) and heavily smelled of booze, we both tried hard to concentrate on the mass, at least I did. It was awful, I tell you. Try standing while you’re drunk and keeping yourself balance too! LOL.

Well, the mass seemed like it’s taking forever. I was cursing (forgive me, Father) when the priest gave a long sermon. I felt like passing out and I couldn’t keep my balance. I had to cling on my best friend to stand still. Well in the end, my best friend and I couldn’t make it to the end. We decided to leave after the priest’s sermon.

Lesson: Don’t get yourself drunk on a Saturday night. :P

So I’m not a bad Christian afterall. I even had a Cross tattoo on my right arm!

Of course, I’m kidding. *teehee* That was a temporary tattoo my best friend and I had not too long ago. I would never alter my skin with tattoos or my mom would have a fit. Sometimes I envy people with tattoo on them, but I couldn’t imagine myself having tattoo at an old age when my skin starts to wrinkle. The tattoo would look really bad on a sagging skin! LOL! (no pun intended for those who have tattoo)

Ah well. That’s my story of the day. Hopefully you’ll learn some lesson from my experience. Haha. I have to stop now, I broke a glass in my bedroom last night. I’ve already swept it off, but I think there are pieces of shards all over still. I just stepped on one when I woke up this morning so I need to vacuum it off. I hope you have a nice day. I’ll blog hop later!

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Lonely This Christmas

25th Dec 2006

I decided to change my Blog layout today
– because it’s too painful to see my own Blog with a Christmas Theme when I’m sitting here blogging (while my family back home are enjoying lovely meals together). :cry:

Anyway, please don’t think that I hate Christmas.

I don’t.

In fact, I went to church lastnight for Christmas Mass.
I also managed to take photos of the Nativity. :D

No baby Jesus!!!! :eek: -yet

For all Christians in the World (and those who celebrate Christmas):

A very Merry Christmas to you.
May God’s blessings be with you and your loved ones always.
Peace! :king:

P/S To my family back home: ARAMAI TIH!

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I Hate Surprises.. sometimes

28th Nov 2006

Honestly, I dislike getting SMS early in the morning.
It panics me.

When cousin Jublie passed away, I got the call at 6AM.

When Nina (grandmama) left us forever, I got the call at 6AM.

I HATE crying early in the morning.
It makes my already-swollen eye gets swollen more! :P

No, seriously.. getting a rude wake-up calls are bad.
If I have heart attack how??
I would’ve died on the bed in a not-so-good-to-look-at kinda face.
Oh please, I don’t wanna die in my pyjama with no make-up and proper hairdo!

So when my phone beeped again this morning (but it was 7AM lah.. hehe), I had this panic attack again!
Did we lose another family member??!!
And then..

(I really need to learn to calm down)
Oh… on a lighter note, I’m so glad that Miriam love what I did for her. :P
Here’s a screenie of the lil gift I got her. *teehee*

I made her a new Blogger Skin! :dance:

You know — it feels nice knowing that people appreciate what you did for them.
And with a “Thank You” note as BIG as hers, one can never miss to see how she feels for the gift. :P

This Is Me

25th Aug 2006

I just found out today that a cousin of mine just lost her baby. My heart goes out to her and her husband.

My cousin is the same age with me.
We grew up together, well almost.
She’s married. I’m not.
She have a child. I don’t.

An aunt, who’s really close to me.. gave me a call yesterday. She was worried and concerned about me, not being married and all those stuff a person would say to a single girl. Honestly, I didn’t like those talks. I mean, what is SO WRONG for being single at this age? It’s not that I’m 30yrs old! I know she’s concern about me, and so does my other relatives who can never seem to find other topics to talk to me but “When are you getting married?”

But for goodness sake, this is MY life. Tho other girls of my age (and most of my gal friends) would be happily married and have 2 or 3 kids at home right now , I am HAPPY with what I am. It never crosses my mind to get settled down, yet. No, not right now. And I would REALLY appreciate it if people stop asking me when will my big day come.


I’m happy with how I am right now.

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Return of The Ex

22nd Jul 2006

Not too long ago, I posted about how my ex was bugging me with questions, txt messages on my mobile and non-stop calls at odd hours. After the last “F U” I sent to him, he stopped contacting me – or at least I thought so.

Well, these past few days.. he’s at it again. This time, even more daring. He tried to remind me of the plans we once made together. He have the balls to actually say I’ve forgotten all those plans! :mad: Well excuse me, don’t he realise that we are no longer together? Why would all those plans still matters? Is he being a dick jerk or plain stupid?

He’s currently with that bitch girl who once insisted on winning his heart while I was still with him. I remember seeing her txt msg in his mobile saying: “Although you’re with her now, I still insist to be in your life. You can’t just push me aside..” something like that. Can’t really remember the whole sentence.

What’s so pathetic is that, now that they’re both FINALLY together, she took the initiative to post ALL the photos ever taken of them together and post it in her Friendster. She even wrote words like :

  • “This is me and my dear XY”
  • “This is me and my dear XY again. Cute, huh?”

blablabla..yaddayadda.. ZOMG :baby: I don’t know what she’s trying to prove, not that it’s working on me tho. Ahaks!

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to talk about her. This post is about my Ex. :P

OK, well.. these past 2 days, he’s been sending me txt msgs late at night. He wanted to know if I’m still awake, he wanted to tell me how lonely he is, he wanted to know if I’m coming over to the city where he is currently working.. etc. Of course, I never bothered replying him. Why should I?? :mad: Yet, he still don’t get the message that I do not wish to have anything to do with him, nor do I care wether he’s eaten or not, lonely or happy.. I’ve moved on and I don’t have even the slightest feeling for him anymore.

Are all men like that?
Hard to let go of things? Memories?

Sigh.. I hope he’ll “wake up” someday.
I don’t wanna send another “F U” msg to his mobile anytime soon… as I do not wish to add the list of things to confess when I go for a confession at the church! :P

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