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Let’s get personal. :P

working late tonite

23rd Oct 2013


..or maybe not. I forgot that I haven’t done my Rosary of the day. :P


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Happy Birthday, me..

3rd Aug 2013

It’s my birthday today.

I’m celebrating it with a novel.

Let me grieve.

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In A Sad Place

3rd Aug 2013

Today I found myself standing in the middle of the hall. A lonely and painful place. This was the home where he grew up. This was where we raised him. The memories come knocking. They danced in the vision of my eyes. That deep nothingness that died four days ago. The only thing I hear now is the sound of my heavy breath whispering to my tingly tears.

I know now that I have to move from this house. The house that kept the memories of my dream. Of my hope.

Where shall my next destiny go? The sense of forlorn and loss is so strong.

Maybe music would lead the path..and heal my soul.

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A heart filled with love..and hope

2nd Aug 2013

It’s been a very tough week for me. The past few days, I’ve been grieving for the loss of our beautiful Lucky. It’s so hard to believe that he’s been gone for just 3 days (when it feels like an eternity!) These would be one of the darkest chapter in my life. Incessant crying has been like part of my daily routine.

I know life goes on. Although I know that time will heal (even tho it’s just my mind telling me that), I am taking every day as it is. Working in my mini studio does not help much…


(work in progress)

I really hope that my sadness does not reflect on the current design I’m working on. If this continues, I would have to consider getting another job soon! But as I’ve promised to my other dog, I will try not to look sad in front of him and go on with life.

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Oh, the joy of online shopping

5th Jul 2013

The past couple months have been filled with a great many things! We rescued a stray puppy, a visit from an old friend in Australia, an early birthday gift surprise from my mother, new projects from faithful clients .. and a few online shoppings!

One of the few things I got online was this:


A cute pink cotton scarf adorned with tiny little cute felt clouds. Perfect for the cold night-outs when I’m out watching movies with my loved ones. To be honest, working from home has given me nothing but so much joy: being able to work in my mini studio, surrounded by people I love – and my pets too!

Oh how wonderfully true this is:

“There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God, for apart from Him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?” —Ecclesiastes 2:24-25

To top it off, I can shop from the comfort of my home anytime I want, without having to go through the hot sun outside or having to get dressed properly. I can have my messy, unruly hair and pimple on my nose for all I care and still shop without having anyone staring at me.

Yes, that’s the beauty of online shopping. That said, I am planning on getting a red dress for myself tonight. For this, I’m going to get them from Zalora Malaysia. They have wide variety of glamorous dresses to choose from! I know this because I’ve bought a gold-colored shoes recently from them and I’m totally in love with it – almost got myself a dress as well, but I was already out of budget then. Now that I have a reason to buy a dress (my brother’s getting married and their wedding theme is RED), I will get myself a red dress tonight by hook or by crook. :-)