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Let’s get personal. :P

Cindy, the violin player (ha!)

25th Jun 2013

So I finally got my violin back! Thanks to my brother who carried it with him all the way from KL, into the plane, out of the plane and to my apartment. So, yay! I can finally practice and enhance my violin playing again. Currently trying to perfect my “Silent Night” so I can perform in front of my gawking family come Christmas. *hee*

Speaking of violin, Bunny actually broke the E-string when I asked him to help me fine tune the strings. Humm.. it’s probably due to the fact that the string’s old. It’s still the same string since I got the violin like… er.. many years ago? (can’t remember exactly WHEN). And according to Bunny, old string breaks easily. I don’t know if he’s saying that to save his skin (lol), but oh well.. at least now my violin got a set of brand new strings. All 4 strings!

And oh, if you’re around KK area and plays violin too (and is on a tight budget, like me).. you can get good quality violin strings from my friend’s store. (OK, he’s actually Bunny’s friend. But any friends of Bunny’s also my friend lah.. he he) His store is called VMIS Music Store. They have a Facebook Page too! So if you’re looking for musical accessories or instruments, you can get them from VMIS Music Store. Just tell them that Cindy (Jaya punya fiancee) sent you there. Guarantee can get good price. (I think lah. Ha ha)

By the way, this is the violin string that I’m currently using. Will be changing to D’Addario string when I’ve mastered my “Silent Night”! Ha ha ha


Who says working out is fun? :P

9th Jun 2013

At least not for me. Ha ha.

For those of you who know me personally would notice that I have gained like A LOT of weight in the past 4 years. All those late nights mee goreng mamak, naan cheese, Indo mee goreng + telur mata, nasi lemak and gawd knows what else.. is finally taking it’s toll. I am now OVERWEIGHT! Eeeeeeek!

But thank goodness I finally came to my sense after spending some time comparing my ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos, I am now back on track to the pursuit of happiness. :P Started doing some workout and food portion control. Did some weight lifting that still hurt my arms to this day. Haiyo. But in a span of 6 days, I’ve already lost 1.3kg! (small amount maybe, but it’s a healthy weight loss tau!) Well, I wouldn’t wanna workout too much and risk having to use a wheelchair for the rest of my life. lol

ANDDDDDDDDD… I’m thinking of rewarding myself with something pink. Eh, more like, a challenge, by buying a top that is 1 size smaller than my current size.


Nice kan? That’s why I love it. But still thinking whether or not to get it.. Quite expensive too..Just the shipping charges alone cost half of the top’s price.. =C Gotta sleep over it tonight and see if I’ll wake up tomorrow and buy it.

UPDATE: Didn’t sleep over it. I went ahead and bought it right after posting the last blog post. -_-“

…And there was rain!

7th May 2013

Finally, after a whole day of extreme heat! It felt like the sun is right above my head. Like two feet away! LOL …..But seriously, it was THAT hot. In fact, I took shower three times this afternoon. THREE TIMES, can you believe that?! Sometimes I wish I could just migrate to a much cooler place where there’s lots of snow during Winter time. Ohhhhh…. having those pink Christmas tree beside the fireplace would be so awesome! But, hmphh.. I don’t think I’d be able to migrate anytime soon. Maybe I should just move to Kundasang. They’re pretty cold too! Ha ha!

Anyway, I am feeling so much better now. In fact, I can eat and enjoy my food again these days! Look what I had for lunch:


NOT the doll, of course! Uhm, just in case my mom reads this post, Mummy dear, I had laksa Sarawak for lunch. The carbonated drink was kind of like.. an early lunch. *hee*

Wokay, gotta stop here. Wanna to play with my dog. He seems a little down coz he didn’t get his evening walk today due to the heavy rain. :P

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I’ve got peace like a river..

30th Apr 2013

This month has not been a very good month for me. First, there was the car problem where we had to fork out like RM700 for the repairs. And then there was the all-so-familiar gastric pain and food indigestion problem that I used to have. Always had, apparently. I thought they went away after I..humm… I can’t recall what I did to stop them? But the thing is, I *did* something or *took* something that made them stop. For like a month. And then they came back last weekend..

1 week of hell! Despite trying a lot of medicine, the belching and bloating (not forgetting terrible stomach pain) never stop! I’ve been losing sleep and appetite over this. Just days ago, out of frustration, I punched my stomach and cursing it. I am SO SICK of this pain! In fact, I’ve lost weight over this. I know that I’ve been trying to lose weight all these while, but THIS…. this is definitely not the way to lose it. :( If I have all the money in the world, I’d go for a stomach transplant and replace ALL those stuff in my stomach. From throat down to the intestines! (is that even possible??)

But anyway, like I’ve always said… God is good. The pain finally subdued today.. and through His blessings, I just got a few more small projects – design projects from both local and International! Praise Lord!! I might be able to save some $$ in case I might need it again for my pain. :)

Oh by the way, here’s one of the design I’m working on. Will tell you what it is for soon. Don’t wanna break the surprise for my paying customer. *hee*


Time check: 1:19AM.

Gotta hit the sack or risk waking up late again tomorrow. I have a loooooot of work to do and deadline to catch. So, here’s wishing you a wonderful night (or day). God bless!

Aaaaaaah, FREAK OUT

13th Mar 2013

The good news is, I’ve been taking decently good care of myself lately. I ditched 80% of my daily sugar intake, eat less rice & wheat and I started to prepare meals at home. Yes, ME – in the kitchen. COOKING MEALS. I couldn’t believe it myself, since I am not that good when it comes to cooking. But who cares, it saves money and I get to cook healthy meal… and I’ve also started to workout a little bit. In fact, I was supposed to go to the park tonight for a jog but the rain decided to fall from 1PM till late.

The bad news is, I get STRESSED out. I feel like a stay-at-home-mother who has to juggle between my job (my freelance job) and the chores at home. There’s always the floor to vacuum or mop, the bathroom tiles seem to get dirty in a blink of an eye and my dog – oh god, the dog. He just loves messing the house around! Let’s not even talk about the laundry!

So when I feel like de-stressing myself, I’d drag my poor fiance to Burger King and stuff my face with a double blackpepper beef burger.


In fact, I had Burger King last Sunday. I had it last night. Right now, I am hatching another plan to drag my fiance to Burger King again. I know, I know, it messes up with my healthy diet – but I work hardddddddd. I did a lot of design work. I mopped the floor yesterday when the weather’s so hot, I could die of heat stroke. So yeah, I’ll eat as much burgers I want and promise to burn them off the day after.

And if it’s not too much, I would like to show off another design work I did quite recently. A sticker design for Ratu Syura on her wedding day. :)


I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted it on my blog, kan? Sudah kah? Belum bah, kan? *hee*

So, yeah. I just posted my design work. Now off I go to get my blackpepper beef burger!!!