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Let’s get personal. :P

I miss my lil Violin

14th Dec 2012

You probably have known this (or may not).. that I actually have a violin. I got it a few years back when I thought I’d make a very good violinist for my family gatherings like Christmas, for example. I mean, most of the people in my family circle plays musical instrument. Piano, keyboard, guitar, ukelele, drum, bass … also, I can say that we are ALL good singers. (By all, I mean me included. Bahahhhaahh!) Did you also know that a nephew of mine made it to the finals of Twisties Bingit and got runner-up playing bass for his group? They would’ve won if only their vocalist did NOT forget his lyrics. lol. And mind you, his bass guitar alone cost almost RM10k! Like I said, I am just a good singer. Not a bassist. :P

Now let’s get back to my violin. See if I can find an old picture of it…

Found it!

Sad to say, that pretty little violin sits comfortably at my brother’s condo back in KL right now and not with me – because when I moved back to Sabah, I had wayyyyyy too many things to carry… so that poor little baby had to stay. :( I probably will go get her next year when I come visiting KL again for the purpose of shopping getting some important stuff.

One day, baby. One day. We will be together again and I will master my “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on you and we will show the World what a great combination we make. You and me – we’ll rock the World!


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I do not have a topic for this post

9th Dec 2012

Not so many years ago, I know this guy. I remember one evening – few days after getting back home from overseas, he held my hand, telling me stories about his boarding place, his school friends and how much he misses his family (and of course, me :P) when he was back there…. and then I noticed this huge ring on his finger. A very nice, emblem-encrusted ring. When I asked where he got the ring, he told me that it was his high school class rings – and I think that it’s so cool for a high school to giveaway rings to students when they graduate – why don’t we have that in Malaysia??? Or was it only my school that doesn’t giveaway high school rings????

Anyway, my point is: I did NOT get my high school ring. It would be so cool to have something that would remind me of my good ole high school days. :(

But on a happier note, I added a new font to my collection. It’s called Mr Dog Dog. :D The name alone is cute already.. wait till you see the font itself:


Note: Mr Dog Dog font is THE dog image, NOT the writing. :D

Ooh la la, another partay!

22nd Nov 2012

The man had his student over again for guitar lesson today. Of course, having a very.. I mean, overly-active dog at home (who messes the house every single day with his toys and stuff that he founds around the house) definitely adds some stress to me, especially when it comes to cleaning the house. In this case, we’re having a guest/student coming over so another round of house-cleaning is necessary. So stressful! I had to do everything quickly… Anyway, another lesson learned. Vacuum, sweep or mop the house hours earlier so I won’t be in stress again next time. :P

So, the student came over for a guitar lesson. I don’t understand a thing they’re saying. I heard the word “Major 7 scale”. I heard “diminish”. I also heard the word …uhm, nevermind. I forgot. :P I know the man’s teaching an advanced guitar class. That I know. lol. Also there was a lot of guitar-playing involved. Ada lagu si Satriani jugak kena demo. And all those while, Chiko and me were in the room, enjoying the chilling air-cond while I paint my nails, getting ready for tonight’s party.  The music wasn’t that loud tho.

So tonight. Another party. And I made a personalized ‘ang pow’ for my niece who’s celebrating her birthday tonight.

I hope she’ll like it.

It’s that time of the year again

3rd Aug 2012

…where people grow older, extra calories are consumed and money spent on gifts or dinner treat.

Yep, I am that. Older and about to be wiser. Ha ha ha!

Maybe I should consider going back to school and educate myself more on new, different field. Music maybe. Learn how to read those ‘taugeh’. Play any song from the chart. Heh. Can you imagine me carrying a messenger bags school everyday? Or rather, can I imagine myself doing that?

Time will tell.


Help..! I need somebody.. HELP!

16th Jun 2012

Remember my makeup traincase that I bragged blogged about a few years back?

..and how it opens up beautifully?

Well…those were the good ole days. The traincase has seen better days now. The inside seams are getting older and starts to open up, showing it’s ‘inside flesh’. (sorry, couldn’t find a better term. ha ha) …and that could only mean 1 thing.


The initial plan was to get a pink traincase, a high-quality ones but not as expensive as MAC’s or MUFE’s (wait till I hit the Jackpot then I’ll get my hands on them!!!!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any nice pastel pink traincase. Ada pun, yang ada stripe-stripe like leopard. Eww! So Datin-Datin!

Sooooooo to make story short, I contacted my makeup school blabla yaddayadda and they emailed me a few pictures of high-quality (if not VERY high-quality, I might say) traincases for me to choose from. These are my most favorite and I couldn’t decide between them both:

(This one’s quite pricey.. maybe could even buy me a Citizen signature watch for the price..)

(This one is slightly cheaper than the one above and made of leather)

So help me choose?

Frankly, I like the latter. It looks so chic and girlish as compared to the first one – which reminds me of SM. Ha ha ha! But still, I like them both! Should I just buy them both? Not a good idea? But anyway, as a former student and makeup artist, I get 10% discount for them. Yay!

Now help me choose!