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Let’s get personal. :P

Help..! I need somebody.. HELP!

16th Jun 2012

Remember my makeup traincase that I bragged blogged about a few years back?

..and how it opens up beautifully?

Well…those were the good ole days. The traincase has seen better days now. The inside seams are getting older and starts to open up, showing it’s ‘inside flesh’. (sorry, couldn’t find a better term. ha ha) …and that could only mean 1 thing.


The initial plan was to get a pink traincase, a high-quality ones but not as expensive as MAC’s or MUFE’s (wait till I hit the Jackpot then I’ll get my hands on them!!!!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any nice pastel pink traincase. Ada pun, yang ada stripe-stripe like leopard. Eww! So Datin-Datin!

Sooooooo to make story short, I contacted my makeup school blabla yaddayadda and they emailed me a few pictures of high-quality (if not VERY high-quality, I might say) traincases for me to choose from. These are my most favorite and I couldn’t decide between them both:

(This one’s quite pricey.. maybe could even buy me a Citizen signature watch for the price..)

(This one is slightly cheaper than the one above and made of leather)

So help me choose?

Frankly, I like the latter. It looks so chic and girlish as compared to the first one – which reminds me of SM. Ha ha ha! But still, I like them both! Should I just buy them both? Not a good idea? But anyway, as a former student and makeup artist, I get 10% discount for them. Yay!

Now help me choose!

Back to where I belong..

11th Jun 2012

Now. I’m feeling a lil lost in the chaos of my life these days. Between wanting to be what I am today (with all the piling graphic designs to work on!), to trying to be a Martha Stewart at home (let’s be honest, I think I am pretty good when it comes to trying to be overly perfect) and wanting to go back to my old profession which I am professionally trained for: makeup artist.

Yes, I was a freelance makeup artist before jumping into this bandwagon of digital colors. And I paid a hefty price to enroll myself in that famous makeup school (because the owner/teacher herself is a celebrity makeup artist on her own) for that matter! But look at me now. I hardly have time to shape my brow! No thanks to the piling works I have. I guess working from home aint that walk in the clouds, ey?

Until my cousin’s wedding that is. After working some magic on a few familiar faces, getting compliments from people for the work I’ve done and getting this eye-opener talk from one of the person who I worked my magic on ..did I realize that, maybe it’s time to change/add/work on what my real passion is: making life beautiful, one step at a time.

So a few days later, I found myself clicking my fingers on the mouse placing orders online for makeup that only most makeup artist knows about. *hee* I bought eye shadows, makeup brushes, powder puffs, sponges…and pretty soon, getting a brand new traincase to replace my old one. YAY!

I can now say that I am on my way to being a freelance makeup artist once again – except that I am broke. Totally broke. But nothing beats the happy feelings you get when you receive those pink makeup brushes in the mail!!! (will talk about it next time)

Now if anyone is in need of makeup works for dinner, wedding, birthdays.. call me soon! Not now lah.. I’m still getting my new stuff together. *hee*

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House-hunting is not so fun anymore

24th Apr 2012

So we were kind of like house-hunting the other day. Took our dog along and off we go scouting the neighborhood and the ones nearby. We spotted a few nice, empty houses. There’s this one particular house, a corner house with huge lawn – perfect for our dog(s) and future cat(s). It’s also perfect for a family picnic or Sunday barbeque. Sssssssooo nice.. until we came up with one question.

“Do we buy or just rent?”

Of course, I’d love if we could buy the house. But my fiance seems to think otherwise. He prefers renting than buying. “Not worth it.”, he said. Not worth it?? But it’s a beautiful house! Wait till I get the Martha out of me and you’ll see how worthy it is!

So we moved to another house. Then another. Then another.. until we spotted a few dogs. Chiko got so excited, he was barking and whining so loud! Such a pain in the ears!

And then we ‘accidentally’ ended up in this very nice neighborhood. Almost Wisteria Lane-like. Nicely designed houses, lots of flowers and huge lawns. Then it occurred to me that this is where our friend, Amir Yussof lives! That famous musician who’s really talented in music. Such beautiful place he lives! And we were saying things like, “So this is where he practices his music and does his stuff!” “Where’s his dogs?? I wanna see his dogs. And plants.”

Unfortunately, Amir’s at Kuching at that time. So.. no dog visiting or plants peeking.

And as for our house-hunting? Well.. we’re still looking.

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God is good :)

19th Feb 2012

I can’t say this enough, but, yes, God is good!

This could be one of the hardest post I’ve ever made.

The couple of months since we moved to this city, I have to say has not been so easy on us. My fiancé’s father passed away. Money was spent on the emergency flight tickets to Sarawak (which happened to fall on a public holiday and all the flight tickets were understandably expensive!), casket, burial etc. A lot of money has also been spent on the shipping of our car and our stuffs over. And there’s also the down-payment for the apartment that we were gonna rent (which is where we currently reside right now), flight tickets for two, car insurance & road tax to renew, money to buy things for the house (we literally have nothing brought over from our previous place but clothes, DVD, cute stuff that I collect etc) and none very useful for a new home. All in the same month! And the heart-breaking part was, we had to leave our cats behind because we couldn’t afford to bring them over. I did not know that it is SUPER EXPENSIVE to ‘migrate’ a cat over! My only consolation is that the cats are living a happy life in a new home right now. All my sincere thanks to the ever so helpful Mimi. Without her help, the idea of having the cats roam around the old house is terrifying enough!

So we basically had to fork out our dear life savings to get stuff filled into our new ‘home’: stuff like stove, mattress, chairs, dining table, plates, forks, spoon, yadda yadda. I am so grateful to my parents, especially my mom who has lent us a lot of her stuff from home, just so our home will feel more like a.. home. With pots and pans.

And then my laptop died. DIED. Along with all the precious files inside. If you didn’t know, my laptop is my source of income. I make money through that laptop, you know, design stuff. With the demise of that poor old laptop, I had no choice but to again, break the piggy bank.

To add salt to injury, out of the few (if not, many) job applications that I applied for, almost none of them even bother to contact me. Not for this 1 job, however, which would require me to work over 12 hours per day with a salary that could not even cover my monthly expenses and entertainment! OK, well, not exactly entertainment. Maybe my basic makeup needs. And hair color. And if you should know, financial problems could lead into depression.. and so are questions like:

“When are you getting married?”

“How long has it been between you two?”

Do you know how hurtful it is to hear some meanypants ask you the same question over and over again?

I would liken it to a root canal, except that I’ve never had a root canal done in my life.

But God is good. He has always been good to me. When life turns sour, He doesn’t give me lemonade. Instead, He always, ALWAYS managed to find a way to solve my problems.

As most of you know, I have been a freelance graphic designer since I started this blog. I’m not saying that I’m super good, but this God-given talent of mine has been feeding our mouths and assisted in making the ends meet. And buy me hair colors. This past month, I have been getting requests after another for designing work: web design, blog design, wedding card design etc. And the biggest Valentine’s gift from The Man Above would be the project we hit from one of the State Govt department. Good times!

Also, I managed to finish working on a client’s blog design today. I helped her setup her new design on her blog host since the coding looked rather scary (to a non CSS or HTML reader) and I guess she was happy with my service, she gave me a $100 tip! USD 100 for a tip!!

God is really good, eh? And so is that kind woman. She also taught me to speak Finnish. Ei se mitään. That means, no problem! :-)

The strange thing is that, I had just made a baby poster recently for a dear friend of my fiancé – for free. (He’s expecting his 1st born who could be born anytime soon so I thought a baby poster would be nice for him and his wife as it would make a nice picture in the baby room.) And now, I am getting the reward from God for being kind. He he. This is what I made for them:

I guess that when you do good to others, good will come back to you. Maybe I’ll earn enough this year to get myself a brand new car. *hee*


Oh! Life is getting better. My fiancé’s getting on track with his new job and his kind company is paying him real good money. And yesterday, while I was working on a design, he suddenly came up to me to kiss my forehead, telling me that he loves me. How sweet is that? We also bought a puppy and we named him Hachiko, after that famous Japanese dog. My custom-made chic, country-style sofa arrived this evening and I’m so in love with it! The apartment is starting to really look like a home now!

Well, OK. I have to stop posting. Plenty of work to be done. I am already behind schedule!

Thank you, God and all the good people in Heaven. :-)

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Still on Christmas theme?

9th Jan 2011

Yes. I’m still using a Christmas theme for my blog because I refuse to accept the fact that we’re in the month of January and that I’m back in tanah Semenanjung already. :-(

Nantilah aku change the theme, kio?

So here I am, back in Kuala Lumpur. No more Christmas themes at the malls, only Chinese New Year decos and music. No more Christmas sales or Christmas Best Buy – only Chinese New Year sale. In fact, I am planning to get a few red clothes for myself too. Ha ha!

By the way, I got my first sakit of the year yesterday. Got food poisoning. Silaka betul. Now I can never see ngiu chap (beef noodle) the same way again.

Well gotta stop. Need to write in my Diary. That’s my New Year’s resolution. To own a diary again and write like a school girl. :-)

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