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Let’s get personal. :P

Union Jack-ie Girl

17th Nov 2010

Just got my ole-ole from Jaya’s niece who just got back from her long studies in UK – and I’m all excited about it!

Of course, when I got the bag, I knew it’s a Union Jack tee inside because I requested it personally from her. LOL. But the most exciting part was to see the size of the tee on the label. It stated XS. Hahahaha! I feel like a slim woman once again! And oh, the tee bag comes with the shop’s website URL as well. Looks like I can buy another Union Jack tee online from them for Jaya. He’s so green with envy that I got a tee while he got a Beatles original Abbey Road poster. Aww, baby.. your poster costs more than my baju bah. :-P

But then again, I get to wear the shirt while he gets to hang the poster on the wall. Muahahaha!

He loves me, He loves me not

7th Nov 2010

You know when you were little and was having a crush with a boy and didn’t know whether or not he likes you? And then you picked a flower from your mother’s garden and started plucking off the petals one by one saying “He loves me, he loves me not,” at every pluck – only to find that the last petal falls on “he loves me NOT”? Wahaha! Well, I’m kind of in that situation right now. Only that it doesn’t involve a boy and a stalk of flower.

I’m in dilemma.

My other half just gave me the green light to getting myself a brand new work table – and the best part is, he’s paying! I know free stuffs are always great, but what if you’re undecided on what (or rather) which table to go for?

Like to go for this one:

Or… this one:

In terms of price, the difference is just a few bucks…

I so can’t wait to have a new workstation but I still couldn’t decide!!

Which table do you like?

PS: They’re both IKEA workstations! ;-)

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Dreaming Deliciously

4th Nov 2010

I’ve been dreaming about my ex lately – my ex, my first love. Now of course I wasn’t thinking about him nor was I trying to remember the good ole days we had together. It’s just weird that I’ve been dreaming about him every night for 2 consecutive weeks. And of course, I told my fiancé about it – in which he said that maybe he (the ex) was doing some black magic on me. LOL (but then again, it could be possible, no?)

However, yesterday’s dream was different. I did not dream about my ex. I dreamed about my childhood days when I was still a much younger girl wearing mini skirts and ponytails. I dreamed about my best friend and how happy we were being a little girl with no responsibility in life whatsoever. We were oh-so-free.

Those days, we do not have Internet access to help us with our school works. We depend solely on our teachers, friends or parents to help us. What we had was well-respected teachers, delicious and cheap canteen foods and silly games like ‘buaya-buaya’ that I doubt children these days still have.

I hope I’ll dream about the first time I stepped into the kindergarten tonight because it would be awesome to see Sr. Bernadine once again!

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November comes early

31st Oct 2010

Goodness, it’s going to be November tomorrow! How time flies.. In about a month, I’ll be packing my bags and be on my way back to Sabah for Christmas. Did I managed to lose some weight like I’ve always said I would (have) in this blog?

Well.. about a kg or 2. LOL

Not only do I have to look good for Christmas (I wouldn’t want to look as big as our Christmas tree for the family photo), I also have a few wedding invitations for the month of December. And looking fat for the photography sessions is also one main reason why I should lose more weight.

So stress lah. I really have to start my diet already.

But anyway, welcome November.

Bring it on!

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Fatty On The Run

19th Aug 2010

Lately I’ve been a wee bit out of control – not in the Girls Gone Wild sense, but in other sense. Literally.

But guess what I can control?

My ASS is what.

I get to decide whether it gets smaller or bigger. I get to decide whether it could fit into my old skinny jeans or let it join the Biggest Loser Asia and let Kristy Curtis kick it sideways.

I’ve been running. I’m still trying to run. My goal is really simple. I want to run an hour straight..but right now, I can last about seven or eight minutes before my lungs give up. But I’m determined to try until I succeed.

Which means I had to reward myself every time I beat my previous record. Maybe buy myself the best sunflowers to add into my plants collection. Yes, that should be the reward for the time being. The longer I run, the more plants I’ll have and the prettier my balcony becomes. Who knows come Christmas, I’ll have a kick ass body like Jillian Michaels – then I’d have to buy better gift for myself. A total makeover maybe.

Oh so exciting!

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