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Let’s get personal. :P


3rd Aug 2010

So it’s my birthday and that always feels like an occasion for a blog post. For skin elasticity’s sake and all that. Although the older I get, the less I feel like celebrating. I think I didn’t age at all this year and my fiancé would agree to that. There are times when he’ll ask me to act like a grown up. lol

My body however, is giving it’s way to the old age. I couldn’t bend and rest my head on my thigh anymore. Sometimes my back would hurt involuntarily. Unwanted fats popping up at obvious places – the tummy, under the chin, arms, thighs etc. An attempt to lose weight by going for a jog resulted in you throwing up like you’ve had a bad food-poisoning case.

But it’s ok. I don’t mind getting older. I have all the love and support from my loved ones. My fiancé would carry me when I couldn’t cross the river. My parents would keep telling me how beautiful a daughter I am. My sister would tell me how lucky she is to have me as her sibling. And my brother.. oh.. have I told you that he’s treating me to dinner tonight? I’m thinking Nandos. Or maybe I can get him to buy me some wooden swing. I’ve always wanted a swing for myself since I was a kid.

Maybe being 30-something is not bad after all.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

31st Jul 2010

I honestly do not remember what I wanted to be.

I think it was ballerina.

Or a singer? Since I sing a lot in the bathroom as a child, annoying the hell out of everyone who lives in the same house with me.

But if you ask me what I want to be now, given a choice, my answer would be:

Farm girl.

I’m pretty sure that this is the only female profession I’ve been dreaming of. Beats the stressful life of having to sit your butt 8 hours straight in the office – and gaining weight in the process that even the best scales go bonkers when you stand on it.

The strange thing? Is that I really can’t stand earthworms, frogs and everything slimy and eekie. I grew up playing with these things, like that one time when my brother threw an earthworm at me that it went down my shirt along with the loudest scream one can ever image coming out of an 8 year old girl. But it was fun. Yes, pure fun. I got traumatized by the sight of an earthworm since and I plan to sue my brother when he becomes a millionaire someday. *evil grin*

The Pursuit Of Lightness

20th Apr 2010

Someone whom I’ve never met for about a year saw my engagement photos recently and commented me as “cute“. I took it as an insult – not from him, but to myself.

I mean.. cute?? What do you mean cute? Plumpy cute? Fatty cute? Or just plain cute? :-P

Whatever it is, I have made it as my main goal this year to lose that cuteness off my body. I don’t want to be the plump girl in the family photos. I don’t want to buy larger size clothes when I go shopping. Heck, even my fiancé said I’m cute!

That said, I am determined to shed a certain amount of pounds off me this year. Err.. the initial plan was to shed those pounds before Gawai (May 2010) but after seeing the little amount of calories I’m allowed to take PER DAY, I decided to extend the target to August 3rd – which was my birthday. lol. That way, I am allowed to eat slightly more calories per day.

Oh by the way, this is what I had for lunch:

Cindy’s super-duper YUMMYlicious salad!!

(I’m just saying that to make me feel better)

Super cheap, affordable, easy to make salad – and it’s only 163 calories!! (according to

Anyway, I’m only on my 2nd day of “salad for lunch” so there’s no changes on my weight yet.. I wonder if I’ll start mooing instead of talking if I continue doing this for the next 40 days?


By the way, I’m soooooo hungry while posting this! I want fried chicken… T_____T

I’ve Got A Job (Yay!)

3rd Feb 2010

Most of you know that I’ve been working from home for the past 4 years or so. Those of you who don’t know, well, I’ve been working from home for the past 4 years or so. :-P

Working from home may sound like a nice thing to do. You work according to your own schedule, be your own boss and there’s no stopping you from wearing only your PJs during work. Yes, that’s the perk of working from home. Oh not only that, you also get to eat and drink and listen to loud music (probably watch the MTV at the same time too) while working. Fun ya?

Well the fun ain’t there after years of doing it. Alone. Trust me. The only people you communicate with are those on your IMs, the fiance who called to ask what you had for lunch and sometimes a few nosy good friends who wanted to update you with the latest gossip get an update of you.

That said, to tell you the truth, I’ve been looking for a job that would require me to go out and meet actual people. Because I am THAT bored. And praise the good Lord for it, I got a job yesterday!!! It’s actually a part time job (which is good, because I still get to spend some time with my freelance job at home too) which requires me to come to the office 3 days a week.

With the extra money that I’ll earn, looks like my Siberian Husky Fund will be filled up in no time! Probably have extra for a Schnauzer as well! And new laptop. And new dress. And..and..and..

{passes out in excitement}

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The Kitchen Chat

29th Jan 2010

[1 year ago]

“Love, I don’t like peeling onions. They make my fingers stink and they stay for like ages!”

“Oh, that’s not a big problem, baby,” he said. “I can do that.”

“I’m also not a very good cook.”

“But I am,” he informed me. “In fact, I have a better plan. Why don’t I cook and you prepare the rest, except for the onions part.”


(This is a photo of my parents buying veggies. I just thought it goes with today’s post. lol)

[1 Year later]

He came back from work.

“Is everything ready?”

“Yes, the chicken are cubed. The veggies are ready. Rice is cooking in the pot.”

“..where are the onions?”

SIGH “Didn’t we agree that you’ll be doing that part?” I lamented, shaking my head.

“Those are easy job, you see..”

Our conversation goes the same almost everyday. It’s always the onion and garlic and ginger part. But of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. Only he forgets sometime. Men.

PS: I still love you, Jaya, no matter how forgetful you are! :-P