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love is sweet

6th Apr 2016

So my dear friend Sandy finally got married and had her reception early last month.

I was placed in charged with a few things for the reception, among them was to set up the mini dessert table.


The venue of the reception was at Supertanker Restaurant. On the 1st Floor. There was NO elevator. So can you imagine me – doing everything on my own – from carrying the banquet table up, along with the cake stands, porcelain trays, table cloth, flowers etc? I kid you not, I think I lost a few inches from just going up and down the stairs. lol

But everything went according to plan. I managed to setup the dessert table and the backdrop. The party was lovely, everyone enjoyed themselves. The dessert table was a popular hit with the desserts gone in less than 5 minutes! And the music contributed to the fun too. Everyone enjoyed great music and great karaoke session. The deejay (who probably has ax7) played a few popular songs which got everyone on their feet.

Oh how I love weddings!

Back On Track

6th Jul 2015

Just so you know, I am back to my designing job. He he


The above picture is one of the banner available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Beli lah barangan buatan saya!

life is going to be awesome

1st Jul 2015

A few weeks ago, the World received devastating news of an earthquake at Mount Kinabalu that killed 13 climbers & mountain guides. It happened in Ranau, Sabah. A day later, my bff and I was driving towards Ranau for a birthday setup job that I have accepted just a week before. Was I nervous? Did I worry for our safety? Of course, I did. The tremors were still quite strong (still is to date) when we were there, in fact, we felt tremors during our stay at Pine Resort, Kundasang. But as the bible says,

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matthew 6:34)

The birthday setup was a success!


Photos were however in a sad state. Because of the earthquake and being worried so much, my DSLR CAMERA was the one important thing that I forgotten to pack along for the trip. *sigh* Had to use my icky camera phone. Haha. (I have since got a new iPhone for myself – which captures better photo quality in the event that I forgotten to take my DSLR camera along in the future. lol)

I must say, setting up for birthdays is a new venture that I’m beginning to grow fond of. In fact, I’m already spending more than I should have on cake stands and items for a table deco. Probably get some A1 Restaurant Furniture too if I see fit. Ha ha

In the meantime, I will continue working on my freelance graphic design job while waiting for calls/emails for party setup. Probably start brushing on my makeup skill and doing part time for weekend job. Oh yes, that’s what I’d probably do this year! *Ü*

{} little einsteins cupcake topper

3rd May 2014

I am so thankful to my clients & customers for all the ideas and themes that they have suggested me or requested for. one thing for sure is that, without this particular client of mine.. i wouldn’t have known about ‘little einsteins’. ha ha


i am so old!