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I Hate Surprises.. sometimes

28th Nov 2006

Honestly, I dislike getting SMS early in the morning.
It panics me.

When cousin Jublie passed away, I got the call at 6AM.

When Nina (grandmama) left us forever, I got the call at 6AM.

I HATE crying early in the morning.
It makes my already-swollen eye gets swollen more! :P

No, seriously.. getting a rude wake-up calls are bad.
If I have heart attack how??
I would’ve died on the bed in a not-so-good-to-look-at kinda face.
Oh please, I don’t wanna die in my pyjama with no make-up and proper hairdo!

So when my phone beeped again this morning (but it was 7AM lah.. hehe), I had this panic attack again!
Did we lose another family member??!!
And then..

(I really need to learn to calm down)
Oh… on a lighter note, I’m so glad that Miriam love what I did for her. :P
Here’s a screenie of the lil gift I got her. *teehee*

I made her a new Blogger Skin! :dance:

You know — it feels nice knowing that people appreciate what you did for them.
And with a “Thank You” note as BIG as hers, one can never miss to see how she feels for the gift. :P