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{} elmo goes to picnic

11th Feb 2014

Was commissioned to work on a very interesting birthday theme last week: elmo! and this theme is about elmo going to the beach for a picnic. :D


this particular project is one of those project that i can call *special*, because elmo and sesame street has always been one of my favorite tv show as a kid. even now that i’m no longer a kid! i really miss watching that show as a kid, growing up at my parents’ place. me and my brother would sing along to the sesame street theme song whenever they’re on. my favorite person in sesame street would be maria!

ahhh.. such was those days. simple show like sesame street could bring joy to every children’s heart. these days, news like Pandora jewelry is on sale brings the same effect ..but to the grown ups! ha ha. i guess people do change as they grow up, but the love and memories remains forever. :P

here comes the short break!

30th Jan 2014

So the lunar new year’s here again! another short getaway is coming up (like, tomorrow!) and i’m so excited!

it has been another busy week for me: i was supposed to send my violin for re-string as well, but there were so many things at hand that i’ve totally forgotten all about it. :( sometimes i wonder.. when will i ever have the time to practice on the violin again… i’m not a good player yet. i can barely play a tune, but, hey.. it’s never too late to learn anything, right? besides, i’ve been wanting to play a violin since i can remember! maybe if i offered to help my fiance’s friend at his music store, he might offer me a free violin lesson! ha ha

oh well, there’s always next week. :P

and before i go off on a short getaway, here’s a project i managed to complete today:


so until then.. AU REVOIR!

there goes another week!

25th Jan 2014

The mini clock on my desk shows 12:15am – it’s a saturday. yay for the weekend! tho i work from home (as most of you would’ve known) – weekends are what i’m so looking forward to. not because i don’t work on weekends (like most of you lucky people!), but simply because weekend is the time/day when i get to take a short ‘day off’ to get my raw supplies and sometimes.. (well, MOST of the times) go on a hunt for new stuff, new place to shop and new ideas!

yes, that’s how i spend my weekend.

and speaking of weekend, i just completed 3 projects this week. yay! completed some sticker designs for a home-based bakery store. also completed a wedding print goods AND a baby’s fullmoon print goods. i must say, i’m proud of myself! ha ha. if projects like this keeps coming my way (and i have the good Lord to thank for), pretty soon i’d be able to buy myself a brand new pink car! :P

anyway. here’s one of my favorite project of the week:



can you guess what it is?

if you guessed ‘cake topper’.. then you’re correct! ;)

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