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Happy New Year!

11th Jan 2014

Yeah.. a lil bit on the late side of wishing that. But hey, I’ve got a pretty good reason for that. My home-based business has been booming quite nicely since early this year. Lots of birthdays, fullmoon and wedding coming up that I need to work on. Seems like 2014 is a good year to start with – hopefully it is too on your side. :)

Here’s what I was working on just recently:


A dinosaur-themed birthday for a client who’s running an event company. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I’ve also made a New Year’s resolution of putting myself before work: I will be going to bed at 10:00 PM every night now so I could get enough sleep. Work can wait (even tho my work never seems to end at home! lol) coz health is something really important. I also plan to sign up for a gym (again) this year. Gotta shed all those extra weights I gain for the past few years. Ha ha. Also making more $$ is another objective for this year. lol

That said, I end my post with a picture of me working on my brother’s recent beach wedding on New year’s eve.


PS: I made the table, the deco and all that. ;)

{} retirement party

27th Nov 2013

Seems like everyone’s hosting a party towards the end of the year. Birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, family gatherings, retirement party… so many parties everywhere! Good thing that I’m running a small business (design business) from home that a lot of the company or person who hosts these parties have asked me to design their paper partyware.

One such as this:


Those are food tags I made for a recent retirement party of a JKR staff in Sembulan. What do you think? He he he. The old car and road suits the theme for JKR, right? Also since the person retiring has been serving JKR for over 35 years, I think it’s best to give the design a vintage feel.