An Early Morning Post

2nd Sep 2006

I just finished playing World of Warcraft, started since 7pm.. and now it’s almost 2am! How time flies when you’re into something interesting.

I’m so tired…. and the bed looks so comfy…..but I can’t go to sleep just yet. I still need to take a shower. My hair needs some washing (damn! – they look dead to me. LoL), my face needs some cleansing and my eyes need it’s eye cream. Oh my! Will I have time to blow dry my hair later before going to bed? I don’t think so.

Ahh.. I wish I have a personal assistant to do all those for me right now. It’s not easy being a girl, you know! :P

Estee & Me

27th Aug 2006

I went to the mall yesterday with the intention of buying a moisturizer. So I ended up at my favorite Estee Lauder counter, picked an Estee Lauder DayWear Plus (i LOVE the smell of this moisturizer!) and then couldn’t resist to get an Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara as well. (I LOVE this mascara!! It made my lash appear thicker and longer!!)

After getting my stuff, I browsed their product for a while.. and then I noticed the Eye Creams on display. I must’ve stared at them for quite a while, that the salesgirl actually took a bottle and started to explain to me about the product. I politely told her that I’m only looking at them, no intention to get one for myself.. until she said “Ohh.. but Eyes are the most important part of the body. That’s the first thing they’ll notice on you and one could tell one’s age just by looking at their eyes.” WTF?? Am I really THAT old looking? Does my eyes gives her an impression that I’m 50?!! Bah! I ended up buying an Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – Eye Recovery Complex. That mini bottle costed me RM190!

However, I went back from the mall with not only those products, but also a handful of freebies from Estee Lauder. Look!!

And before I went to bed lastnight, I tried the Eye Cream.. and boy, my eyes were as smooth as silk when I woke up in the morning. They appeared to be less puffy too! :D

Sigh.. after all the amount of money I spent on those beauty products, I hope someone from Estee Lauder’s company will actually read this post. I’m actually helping them to promote their stuff, and the least they could do is send me more Freebies! HAHA!

This Is Me

25th Aug 2006

I just found out today that a cousin of mine just lost her baby. My heart goes out to her and her husband.

My cousin is the same age with me.
We grew up together, well almost.
She’s married. I’m not.
She have a child. I don’t.

An aunt, who’s really close to me.. gave me a call yesterday. She was worried and concerned about me, not being married and all those stuff a person would say to a single girl. Honestly, I didn’t like those talks. I mean, what is SO WRONG for being single at this age? It’s not that I’m 30yrs old! I know she’s concern about me, and so does my other relatives who can never seem to find other topics to talk to me but “When are you getting married?”

But for goodness sake, this is MY life. Tho other girls of my age (and most of my gal friends) would be happily married and have 2 or 3 kids at home right now , I am HAPPY with what I am. It never crosses my mind to get settled down, yet. No, not right now. And I would REALLY appreciate it if people stop asking me when will my big day come.


I’m happy with how I am right now.

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