How Great Thou Art

22nd Aug 2006

Yesterday, I saw someone posted about a Malaysian girl who went missing since last Friday after she went for a job interview. I also learnt that Michelle-Kirsten have a Blog, so I went over to see if there’s any update on her missing. I prayed for her safety, I keep visiting her blog and her friend’s blog, hoping to see some good news of her return. And finally at 8:45pm lastnight, someone announced in her Blog that She has been found! YAY!!! :D

Michelle is currently in a hospital. No info on why or how, but at least she’s safe now.
Praise the Lord. :)

On another lighter note… I’ll just let the picture talk! :D

Don’t judge an egg tart by it’s look. Judge it after you’ve tasted them! :D

The egg tart costed me RM1 each -it’s really in small size :( but it’s not really a big deal.. coz they taste OH SO YUMMY!!

Hoppy Day

21st Aug 2006

Went to Wisma Merdeka, bought a few clothes AGAIN ;) and a pair of matching bunnies.

One for me.. and one for my lil sis.

Aren’t they cute???? :D


18th Aug 2006

Have some teh tarik – “pulled tea” the Malaysian way. :D

The main ingredients for this drink are tea & condensed milk. This tea is special in that it is prepared using a unique technique. The tea is poured from a hand held high into a container held in a hand below. The tea is poured back and forth in this manner to create a thick froth.

So if you wonder how it tastes like, come to Malaysia. I’ll buy you teh tarik. ;)

There Comes A Time

15th Aug 2006

My lil sis finally left home for her college in another city.

It hurts me to think of how lonely my parents would feel, now that they only have each other at home. All of their kids have grown up and moved to another place.

I guess that’s how life are..
But it still hurts.. a lot.. just to think of it. :(

Protected: A Year Ago..

6th Aug 2006

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