There Comes A Time

15th Aug 2006

My lil sis finally left home for her college in another city.

It hurts me to think of how lonely my parents would feel, now that they only have each other at home. All of their kids have grown up and moved to another place.

I guess that’s how life are..
But it still hurts.. a lot.. just to think of it. :(

Protected: A Year Ago..

6th Aug 2006

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It’s A Small World.. Afterall

5th Aug 2006

Bumped into an old friend.. so we had lunch and a cuppa tea together.

We grew up together in a small town..
…went to the same school
…being in the same class.. for 5 years.

Then I moved to another city.
He coincidentally moved to the same city too!

I played Ragnarok Online.
He was there too.

I played World of Warcraft… and guess what?
He PLAYED it too!! (We’re currently in the same guild..) :P

Meh.. it’s a small World, afterall…. :D


4th Aug 2006

I have no idea.

I feel extremely tired today..
I wanna sleep.

*Eyes closed*


The Best Theraphy

30th Jul 2006

I went shopping today for an early birthday gift… for myself!! :D

Come take a look at what I bought. (Pardon me for the picture quality, it was taken with my handphone) :P


And this.

And another black top.. (I LOVE black!)

Some Estee Lauder makeups and perfume!

And the freebies! (That’s why I LOVE Estee Lauder) :P

Hehehe.. that’s about all I bought today. Twas great. Had a good exercise.. When they say, shopping is a good theraphy for ladies… I have to say, It’s SO TRUE! Mwahahahah~~ (Of course, I still cry for the amount of money I’ve spent on these items. LoL)

And oh.. my theraphy ended in a bittersweet way at the end of the day.. because I accidentally “scratched” my hand on some sharp-end metal at the mall – I didn’t see that thing! There were too many people today (there was some singing competition at the mall I went – and a lousy ones too! The contestants’ voice hurt my ear like it’s going to bleed)

This is how the scratch look like.. :(

Well.. wishing everyone a lovely weekend. I’m going to take my shower now and head to bed. I’m soooo tired. ;)