Return of The Ex

22nd Jul 2006

Not too long ago, I posted about how my ex was bugging me with questions, txt messages on my mobile and non-stop calls at odd hours. After the last “F U” I sent to him, he stopped contacting me – or at least I thought so.

Well, these past few days.. he’s at it again. This time, even more daring. He tried to remind me of the plans we once made together. He have the balls to actually say I’ve forgotten all those plans! :mad: Well excuse me, don’t he realise that we are no longer together? Why would all those plans still matters? Is he being a dick jerk or plain stupid?

He’s currently with that bitch girl who once insisted on winning his heart while I was still with him. I remember seeing her txt msg in his mobile saying: “Although you’re with her now, I still insist to be in your life. You can’t just push me aside..” something like that. Can’t really remember the whole sentence.

What’s so pathetic is that, now that they’re both FINALLY together, she took the initiative to post ALL the photos ever taken of them together and post it in her Friendster. She even wrote words like :

  • “This is me and my dear XY”
  • “This is me and my dear XY again. Cute, huh?”

blablabla..yaddayadda.. ZOMG :baby: I don’t know what she’s trying to prove, not that it’s working on me tho. Ahaks!

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to talk about her. This post is about my Ex. :P

OK, well.. these past 2 days, he’s been sending me txt msgs late at night. He wanted to know if I’m still awake, he wanted to tell me how lonely he is, he wanted to know if I’m coming over to the city where he is currently working.. etc. Of course, I never bothered replying him. Why should I?? :mad: Yet, he still don’t get the message that I do not wish to have anything to do with him, nor do I care wether he’s eaten or not, lonely or happy.. I’ve moved on and I don’t have even the slightest feeling for him anymore.

Are all men like that?
Hard to let go of things? Memories?

Sigh.. I hope he’ll “wake up” someday.
I don’t wanna send another “F U” msg to his mobile anytime soon… as I do not wish to add the list of things to confess when I go for a confession at the church! :P

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Cindy Goes To The Dentist

18th Jul 2006

The moment I step inside the clinic, all sort of thoughts came into my mind. What if the whole process of extraction gone wrong? What if she took the wrong tooth? Then the whole images from the horror movie The Dentist flashed through! :eek:

Just when I was about to change my mind, the sweet-looking nurse started chatting up with me like I’m her long lost friend. We talked about tooth whitening, how I’m doing.. stuffs.. until it was time to head to the room!

The dentist is a very nice lady. I’ve visited her a number of times and I kinda like her.. but I still don’t know her name :P. Whenever she’s “doing” my teeth, she’ll sing or hum some melody :sing: and repeatedly said “sorry…sorry..” everytime I moved my body, signs of uncomfortness – actually I was scared. :P

The extraction went fine. I’d recommend everyone to visit her. ;) Nice dentist she is.

I feel so numb now… good excuse to eat some ice-cream. :plaster:

Not numb anymore. I’m actually writhing in pain now. The painkiller doesn’t work. I wanna cry. :sick: :cry:


16th Jul 2006

Got a new phone yesterday… the Samsung SGH-D600 so I experimented with the camera features. :P
My fav teddy got the honor to be the model for this. :D

The quality’s not bad, eh? :party:

Woot It’s Saturday

15th Jul 2006

Yea, and I havent’ been blogging for a while. Nothing much to talk about, I guess.

Oh, I still haven’t got the memory card for my digital camera. Will try to remind myself to get one soon.. I really feel like taking some photos. :king:

Hope you’ll have a wonderful Saturday. :flirt:

Mission Impossible

10th Jul 2006

I haven’t been able to sleep properly for the past few days… :sick: And lastnight was even worse, I had the most painful stomachache due to gastric.. I actually thought I’d die. :cry: I’m still in pain tho, right now, as we speak.

On a lighter note, I put on a bra this morning and I found that it’s rather tight! I’d normally use the last hook of the 3 available hooks on the bra – you’d understand what I’m talking about if you’re a girl that wears bra! :D .. But this particular bra, even the 1st hook was too tight for me! :cry: I begin to think that I’ve gained too much weight!! :cry: Thank goodness tho, that when I checked the label, I was actually trying on the wrong bra!!! That was the bra that I bought a few months back, without checking the size. Rushing when I bought it :P It’s 10 size smaller!!!!! :clown: WTF, I feel so stupid!!

Ah well…. at least I know I didn’t gain THAT MUCH of weight! :shy: