Woot It’s Saturday

15th Jul 2006

Yea, and I havent’ been blogging for a while. Nothing much to talk about, I guess.

Oh, I still haven’t got the memory card for my digital camera. Will try to remind myself to get one soon.. I really feel like taking some photos. :king:

Hope you’ll have a wonderful Saturday. :flirt:

Mission Impossible

10th Jul 2006

I haven’t been able to sleep properly for the past few days… :sick: And lastnight was even worse, I had the most painful stomachache due to gastric.. I actually thought I’d die. :cry: I’m still in pain tho, right now, as we speak.

On a lighter note, I put on a bra this morning and I found that it’s rather tight! I’d normally use the last hook of the 3 available hooks on the bra – you’d understand what I’m talking about if you’re a girl that wears bra! :D .. But this particular bra, even the 1st hook was too tight for me! :cry: I begin to think that I’ve gained too much weight!! :cry: Thank goodness tho, that when I checked the label, I was actually trying on the wrong bra!!! That was the bra that I bought a few months back, without checking the size. Rushing when I bought it :P It’s 10 size smaller!!!!! :clown: WTF, I feel so stupid!!

Ah well…. at least I know I didn’t gain THAT MUCH of weight! :shy:

The Photographer

8th Jul 2006

I found my digital camera at last! :D It has been sitting in one of the desk.. tsk tsk tsk.. How can I miss that one?! Expect to see some photos in this blog soon. :P

Oh… an update on my mission to shed that extra pounds, I think I’ll try skipping meat from tomorrow onward… See if it’ll change anything. :sick:


7th Jul 2006

The most dreadful thing that could EVER happen to a girl just happened to me!

I braved myself to get on the weight scale this morning… and, you guess it.
I’m 2kg extra heavy!! :cry: NoooOOoooOooOOoOoo…!!! :cry:
Where? When? How did I gain that much??? :cry: Must be those chocolate cakes!! :mad:

Bah! I will NOT eat today..
Heck, I need to take a walk, go shopping and lose some weight! :cry:

Green, Green, Grass of Home

6th Jul 2006

I’m currently back in my hometown, in Sabah. (Borneo) :D
The place is still lovely as always… perhaps I’ll take some photos soon.

You don’t find lots of polite or considerate people these days, do you? Or perhaps it’s just the people over here?
I did a lil grocery shopping today… As I did not plan to buy lots of things, I didn’t bother using the trolley. However, as I walk past the lanes, I see a few stuff that I think I should buy. :D So there I am, carrying stuff with both my hands while I clutch my wallet under my arm.

Went to queue for the cashier.. and a lady happen to be ahead of me. She was blocking the cashier table.. so I couldn’t place my stuff on it. She couldn’t be bothered even to move a lil so I’ll be spared from the misery of holding everything – not to mention heavy too! All she had on her hand was 2 piece of apples! And the girl at the cashier was working so slow! For goodness sake, I wanted to smack the lady with tissue boxes I was carrying. :mad: Or perhaps I should poke her with the juice bottle!

Oh, a lot of you asked me what I think of the movie The Superman Returns. Well… I’d say, it was OK. But it would be better if I see lots of famous and familiar faces on the movie. :P Not much action tho.. the storyline was OK, but it could be better. ;)

Well.. enough complaining for today. I feel like going for a facial..
Now where did I keep my facialist business card…..??