Sinful Cravings

22nd Jun 2006

I don’t feel very well today :sick: .. well, not that I’m sick, but I just don’t have the mood to talk, smile nor do I want to laugh. (Is that normal??) :eek: Maybe the lil argument I had with someone lastnight still have an effect on me..

I have craving for Chocolate Cake again! :D OMG, that’s all I can think of right now, but it’s over midnight, and the bakery’s closed. :(

I’ll stop by Strudels tomorrow to buy me some cake, come rain or shine! :D

B*tch Talk

20th Jun 2006

I felt like eating burger today, so I went to the burger stall. As I approached it, the young lady who ran the business was busy talking to a male customer, so I stood behind her waiting. By the time she’s done, she just walked past me without looking, nor did she bother asking something like “Can I help you?” .. at least. :mad:

So she went to the counter and start toasting some meat for some burger order (I think – coz she’s toasting meats!) I went to the counter, and there she is, both eyes concentrating on the meats while her mouth was uttering words to another male customer who was seated not far from her. I assumed that she’s blind (for she couldn’t noticed a customer standing right in front of her. So I moved *again* to her left side. This time, I was in the kitchen. Still.. she didn’t bother talking me and instead, she was giggling to the male customers!! :mad:

I got pretty mad, so I said “Does anyone even work here?!” And guess what? She continued talking to the guys while toasting the meat! That bitch! :mad:

I lost my cool so I left the stall. Oh well, there goes my burger…. :sick:

Rapunzel In The Making

19th Jun 2006

After sweeping and mopping the floor (yes, I did it around midnight), I was sweaty (well, not really THAT sweaty) hot and my hair got sticky. So I ran to the shower and decided to have a loooong nice shower. After the mini self-treat, :P I stick my face right in front of the table fan. I’m too lazy to actually blow my hair with the dryer. Then I noticed… OMG :eek: I’ve got dry hair!! :cry:

Actually I noticed it already long ago, but not as bad as today. it really IS dry! Thanks to the rebondings and dyes I’ve did the past years… this is the result. I really ought to do something. But how? Chop off the dry hair? I’ve bought shitloads of hair-treatment products (branded and too costly too!) but it doesn’t show much improvement. Comb my hair 100 times a day perhaps? :P Hmm.. time to surf the Net for more “suggestions”. Hee hee :D

Just Another Irritating Day

16th Jun 2006

Yes, that’s right. I got irritated again today.

My sleep was disturbed by my nose! :angry: Ahhh heck. I got the sinus again, and I couldn’t breathe through my nose. :(

Then when I finally could breathe (tho not properly), I tried to go back to sleep. And guess what? It rained again!!!! Ahhh.. :angry: It’s so irritating!! I have to run out and take my clothes that has been on the hanging line for 3 days! Rain, rain, rain and I’ll never get them to dry! Ahhh.. can’t we have sunny day at least for a day?!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

Blame It On The Rain

13th Jun 2006

I’d normally go to Pasar Malam (flea market) on Mondays.. It’s actually a habit of mine.

But it rained heavily. And I don’t wanna walk in the rain with an umbrella.. It’s too lady-like.

:*( No bubur chacha today. :*(