Rapunzel In The Making

19th Jun 2006

After sweeping and mopping the floor (yes, I did it around midnight), I was sweaty (well, not really THAT sweaty) hot and my hair got sticky. So I ran to the shower and decided to have a loooong nice shower. After the mini self-treat, :P I stick my face right in front of the table fan. I’m too lazy to actually blow my hair with the dryer. Then I noticed… OMG :eek: I’ve got dry hair!! :cry:

Actually I noticed it already long ago, but not as bad as today. it really IS dry! Thanks to the rebondings and dyes I’ve did the past years… this is the result. I really ought to do something. But how? Chop off the dry hair? I’ve bought shitloads of hair-treatment products (branded and too costly too!) but it doesn’t show much improvement. Comb my hair 100 times a day perhaps? :P Hmm.. time to surf the Net for more “suggestions”. Hee hee :D

Just Another Irritating Day

16th Jun 2006

Yes, that’s right. I got irritated again today.

My sleep was disturbed by my nose! :angry: Ahhh heck. I got the sinus again, and I couldn’t breathe through my nose. :(

Then when I finally could breathe (tho not properly), I tried to go back to sleep. And guess what? It rained again!!!! Ahhh.. :angry: It’s so irritating!! I have to run out and take my clothes that has been on the hanging line for 3 days! Rain, rain, rain and I’ll never get them to dry! Ahhh.. can’t we have sunny day at least for a day?!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

Blame It On The Rain

13th Jun 2006

I’d normally go to Pasar Malam (flea market) on Mondays.. It’s actually a habit of mine.

But it rained heavily. And I don’t wanna walk in the rain with an umbrella.. It’s too lady-like.

:*( No bubur chacha today. :*(

Down Memory Lane

11th Jun 2006

As I browse around the old files in my computer, I stumbled upon my old graphics. :cry: It brings back memories of those days, when I was crazy about drawing graphics day and night! I used to have this website called “Borneo Graphics” where I offered my graphics free for Personal website user. I also have a few Collections for sale AND custom made graphics. Well, I must say, I DID made a few $$ from there. :D But that’s not the whole point. I drew for fun as a hobby.

But that was in the past. I no longer draw that much and no longer offer graphics online. :( Tho I miss doing that so much, with all the current craze I found for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash MX (I’m learning them still!) etc, I couldn’t find much time to spare for drawing and updating them on a website anymore.

However, time will tell. I might change and develop a sudden craze for PSP drawing once again! ;)

I include here some of the few graphics I’ve made along those years..when drawing Country Graphics was my passion. :)

Ok, off I go. I have chocolate cake waiting for me on my table.. and it look sooOooOoo sinfully delicious! ;)

Royal Visit

10th Jun 2006

Oohh..we have a royal visitor. :) The Emperor and Empress of Japan arrived in Malaysia today. It’s their 2nd destination of their 3-nation Southeast Asian tour. The couples flew on a chartered plane from Singapore to Ipoh, and they have plans on meeting with the Sultan Perak.

Hmmm… I hope they’ll talk about the plans on building Disneyland in Malaysia too, because I, for one, are TOTALLY into the idea! I don’t wanna fly all the way to Hong Kong or US or Japan for Mickey, I want it to be over here!! I hope the plans are on! Go, go Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! :D