O, Christmas Tree

10th Dec 2015

So I put up the Christmas tree. This will be our first Christmas in our new house. *Ü*


Chiko seems to like how the way the tree looked like, but I on the other hand didn’t quite fancy it.

I might re-do the whole deco again tonight.

make time for everything

11th Nov 2015

So they say that we make time for everything, don’t let time control your life.

i desperately need more time! 24 hours is just not enough…

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His name is Jaya Sapetar

16th Oct 2015

So we meet again!

I am definitely not so discipline when it comes to posting on my blog. Although I have *tried* to promise myself that I would post at least 1 post a week, I seem to be slacking off – I guess I’m just too busy with other stuff! But of course, that is not a good excuse enough to be lazy.

So many things had happened since I went offline from this blog. There’s this newspaper clippings of me (they were talking about me! Ha ha), and then there’s the birthday of my niece that I host, I got a new puppy – Chiko’s offspring, and then there’s the new car…. But I won’t be talking about all that today. Because I’d like to mention about my fiancé’s latest album. Oh yeah, that man finally came out with an album!


If you’re interested to get his album, you can always contact me and I’ll send you the details on where to get it. And if I’m on a really good mood then, I might send you a free bass scale chart as well! (of course, I’m kidding)

OK, gotta go now. Sandy’s coming over to pick me up in about 1 hour from now. We’re going out to paint the town in red! lol

Back On Track

6th Jul 2015

Just so you know, I am back to my designing job. He he


The above picture is one of the banner available for purchase at my Etsy shop. Beli lah barangan buatan saya!

moment like this

3rd Jul 2015

one of my favorite day is a rainy day. there’s something so calming and peaceful about the rain. imagine my happiness when i woke up to a grey sky and cool breeze?


i don’t even care that my freshly laundered clothes won’t dry in this weather. *Ü* i’d take the rain anytime over hot, sunny weather – that’s because i dislike the heat! rainy days like this? it’s a perfect time to open up the window a lil and start painting. if inspiration wouldn’t come, i can always try out singing with those analog software thingy my fiance had in his macbook.

but as of now, i’ll be enjoying the sound of the rain while i try to paint.